Friday, June 1, 2007

So glad we have smart people.. that we can understand just how "stoopid" we, the unenlightened laity, really are.

Bishop Trautman again pontificates from on high about how we ignorant sheep can't possibly grasp what words mean unless they're under two syllables long and certainly no more than 5 or six letters long.

Here's what Trautman says regarding new translations from the Vatican:

"All liturgy is pastoral. If translated texts are to be the authentic prayer of the people, they must be owned by the people and expressed in the contemporary language of their culture. To what extent are the new prayers of the Missal truly pastoral? Do these new texts communicate in the living language of the worshiping assembly? How will John and Mary Catholic relate to the new words of the Creed: "consubstantial to the Father" and "incarnate of the Virgin Mary"? Will they understand these words from the various new Collects: "sullied," "unfeigned," "ineffable," "gibbet," "wrought," "thwart"?"

Gerald, who's serving it up hot and fresh over at the Cafeteria, has more:

Gee - just think how easy Math class would be if he was your teacher!


James Pawlak said...

Other bishops are equally arrogant as to other areas of their ignorance: That immigration laws are of "Caesar" and belong here to the People; The waging of war and dealing with terrorists who are NOT entitled to protections under the Geneva Conventions; And, the natural law right to self defense AND the means to execute that right--On our streets, in our schools and against Islam in the Sudan.

Anita Moore said...

This is not only condescending; it's clean contrary to the teachings (as distinguished from the fake "spirit") of Vatican II. From Section 33 of Lumen Gentium:

Upon all the laity, therefore, rests the noble duty of working to extend the divine plan of salvation to all men of each epoch and in every land. Consequently, may every opportunity be given them so that, according to their abilities and the needs of the times, they may zealously participate in the saving work of the Church.

And from Section 37:

Let the spiritual shepherds recognize and promote the dignity as well as the responsibility of the laity in the Church. Let them willingly employ their prudent advice. Let them confidently assign duties to them in the service of the Church, allowing them freedom and room for action. Further, let them encourage lay people so that they may undertake tasks on their own initiative. Attentively in Christ, let them consider with fatherly love the projects, suggestions and desires proposed by the laity. However, let the shepherds respectfully acknowledge that just freedom which belongs to everyone in this earthly city.

PandaBean said...

"Further, let them encourage lay people so that they may undertake tasks on their own initiative."

Ya know, if he thinks we're so dumb, maybe he should look into better education, or perhaps a glossary.

It really irks me when I come across some of the most beautiful teachings and passages of the Church and the Bible that have been "dumbed down". I teach CCD to children ages 4-6 and these kids are a lot smarter than the materials make them out to be. If they are only exposed to the "dummy" version, how are they ever going to learn the bigger truths?

I also used to read at children's liturgy, but I kept getting frustrated that the readings for the day had been so mangled and "dumbed down" as to be almost a completely different reading all together! We might as well be reading to them from "The Message", which I think doesn't even deserves being called a Bible translation.

Paul Nichols said...

In many cases, the "hierarchy", just like politicians, prefer their "flock" to be uneducated - all the better to twist the truth and pull the wool over their eyes.

There's nothing a politican hates more than an educated voter - and there's nothing the hierarchy hates more than an educated Catholic.

Trautmen and his ilk know that they can't snow the smart Catholics, so they must, at all costs, be marginalized.

Sanctus Belle said...

I thought the bishops job was to instruct and catechise, not dumb everything down...

paramedicgirl said...

Golly gee, Trautman, we might jist be unejukatud bakwoodz hillbillies but we shore cin rekognize a dissenter wen we see one.

Anita Moore said...

Pandabean, the people who dumb down the readings are the same ones who oppose Latin and Gregorian chant, ostensibly on the grounds that these are too much for the hoi polloi in the pews, thereby foreclosing "active participation" at Mass. I can't tell you how it burns me up to hear this. In the first place, the people in the pews are NOT stupid. In the second place, nothing prevents "active participation" quite like a screechy cantoress singing a "responsorial psalm" that nobody has in front of them on paper, just so she can perform to a captive audience and make the Mass about her. And in the third place, this is a ploy they resort to because they aren't honest enough to admit to their own visceral (and unaccountable) hostility to the traditional language and music of the liturgy.

The liberals are waging war on excellence, and this is all just a part of it.

Paul Nichols said...

"The liberals are waging war on excellence, and this is all just a part of it. "
Anita, that's probably the BEST way to put it that I've ever heard. They DO in fact, wage that war on EVERYTHING.

If there's excellence somewhere, you know that not too far away is some stupid hippie liberal protesting away.

I'm with you, it burns me up too.