Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pope Benedict can't win...

Another day, another aggrieved group is upset with the Pope. Seems every day, someone is demanding an apology from the Pope for some transgression, be it ancient, recent, true, or untrue.

He simply can't win, because the deck is stacked against the Church. If the Church refuses to be bullied into an apology, well, that means it's rotten and awful. If She does apologize, well, the apology just isn't profound enough.

The Church needs to stop worring about what the "world" thinks of Her. The "world" hates Her and always will. No amount of politically correct kowtowing will change it.

It might be time to get some plywood and cover up those windows to the world that were opened up after Vatican II.

Read all about it at The Jerusalem Post:



Nick said...

THANK you for mentioning this. Finally someone is speaking up. This "apology" BS is really getting on my nerves because the reality is someone is going to be pissed regardless of what B16 does. All 3 groups at the table seriously distrust eachother and have opposing theologies, so nothing is going to get done.

That is why I think he should have stayed home, stop going to such "events" and stop giving the media something to gab about.

Paul Nichols said...

Good points, Nick. There really is no way to make them happy. The idea of opening up to the world has been a failure.

Placating the world is like herding cats.

birdy9999 said...

Yes, poor Pope Benedict, I certainly wouldn't want his job ;). I don't understand what an apology would really do anyway. Besides, out of all of the wonderful things the Church does every day why must they focus on bad? Makes good new I suppose :P

Smiley said...

everything thate papa Bento does irritaes the liberal media. Papa we love you dont you change for them.

Anita Moore said...

This one made me laugh out loud. I love how you draw raving protesters! A bit of fun to offset the outrage.

And all the crappola about the Pope's failure to grovel really gets up my Irish and Italian blood. here, for what it's worth, is my reply to the complainers.

Alexander said...

Yeah uh, I want an apology from the Jewish community for first century persecutions… oh wait.

tamtam said...

lol! great job like usual, paul!!

i do feel bad for the pope. every step he takes translates into walking on eggshells with the drive-by media. THIS IS NOT AN APOLOGY CAMPAIGN!! besides, even the most bone-headed liberal won't deny that christianity has played an important role in shaping the world!!

godspeed, good father!

Jean-remy Duboc said...
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Jean-remy Duboc said...

as usual you have a point but you push it just far enough so that you sound full of hatred for anything and anyone that doesn't fit your ideas.
I agree that the pope shouldn't have to apologise to false accusations, and that SOME ideas from the ambient culture are not to be embraced by the Church. SOME ideas. Not ALL of them, Paul ! Opening a window to the world doesn't mean letting anything in !!
The greatness of the church, the "Edge" that the church is giving us if you will, is the capacity to assimilate good things in the surrounding culture AND to challenge the bad stuff. It's called discernment.
Think about it.

Paul Nichols said...

Jean-Remy -

Sure, opening a window is great - but just as when we open a window in our home, it's smart to make sure we have a screen in, otherwise any number of bugs could come rushing in.

Yes, we should discern what we allow in. But what's happened is the window was opened with no discernment about keeping bad stuff out. The culture of the 1960's saw everything as wonderful and allowed ALL of popular culture to infiltrate the Church.

Now, as the Church starts sorting through some of the garbage that has piled up, She's figuring out that many of this stuff isn't needed and is, in many cases, detrimental to the Faith.

The Pope is trying to prune the "devastated vineyard" - but it's a daunting task, and he certainly doesn't have 25 years left in him to get it done.

But it's a start - one that's long overdue.

Michael said...

Thank you for posting this. I, too, am fed up with how out of control this is all getting. When folks are angry for something he didnt say ... its gone too far. Anyway, I'm praying for tolerance and patience ... God Bless you

Sanctus Belle said...

All those who live in the darkness will curse the light, for what other way to keep their evil deeds from being seen in the light?

kiapokspika said...

Yeah, the Jews already got the case from JPII, but.. for BXVI... he just got close to the Zionists...who just wants sublime world humiliation just because of the Holocaust...