Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ash Wednesday Cartoon 2012

In observing our Lenten Fasting Obligations, most of us look for just how much wriggle room we have. Fr. Z has a good post on just what Da Rulez are:


Athanasius contra mundum said...

I guess the guy should also be glad he's not Eastern Catholic, not only would there be no meat on EVERY Friday but also every Wednesday and no animal products on either day.

Paul Nichols said...

Yea, when we think we're doing something, we have to remember there are others who really ARE.

MHatter469 said...

Interesting how far modernists have strayed, as Traditional Catholics we follow the pre-Vatican 2 instruction; abstain from meat everyday during Lent (except Sundays), all Fridays throughout the year (except feast days), and Ember days. When my girlfriend was converting to the faith, during Lent she practiced the traditional bread and water fast for the 40 days as catechumens did for centuries before receiving the Sacraments at Easter vigil.