Thursday, January 22, 2009

Today is March For Life Day - where is YOUR Bishop?

As the Grand High Pooba Obama takes over, will his radical views on abortion push the Church in America to actually fight back? History doesn't offer any hope, as most of the "leaders" are so wimpy, they'd get their lunch money taken at a Nerd Convention.

Will the few who stand up for Life finally override those who are still basically Democratic Party hacks? When the ball starts rolling on the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA), will those "catholic" Democrats supporting it be called to task? No, not called to "dialogue" - there's been too much of that. Will the Church stand up?

We'll see. But I'm not optimistic, judging by how so many of our Bishops and their sheep in the pews have fallen head over heels for The Chosen One.


Mickey.SW.HS said...

Didn't you read their letter to him? They seem pretty adamant that they will oppose any attempt to impose abortion on the American people via taxpayer funding, repeal of "conscience rules," FOCA, etc. The only time they mention "dialogue" is on issues where the Church largely agrees with Obama, such as foreign policy, immigration reform, etc.

Paul Nichols said...

Well, Mickey, anybody can talk tough. The proof is in the action.

And that last sentence - all those issues where the Church agrees with Obama? Scary stuff.

Mickey.SW.HS said...

I'd say threatening to close all Catholic hospitals in the United States (30% of the total number of hospitals) was in and of itself a bold move, and just might make at least some of the "moderates" in Congress reconsider the wisdom of passing FOCA.

As for everything else, what can I say? I'm sorry that the social Magesterium of the Catholic Church isn't in lockstep with the platform of the Republican Party. Of course, it may have something to do with the fact that She has been around a lot longer than the GOP, and is more interested in pleasing God than in appealing to a constituency. Ever heard of the "Consistent Ethic of Life"?

Paul Nichols said...

Mickey, I wouldn't want the Church in lockstep with the Republican Party. I'm Catholic first, and only Republican because there's nowhere else to go. They lost me years ago.

But to your point about them threatening to close hospitals - that's the sissy-man way out. A few have said that they wouldn't close, they'd DEFY the orders. THAT is the way to go.

Threatening to close wasn't bold, it was laughable.

Lee Strong said...

My bishop is recovering from surgery - but he was at a pro-life prayer vigil at the Cathedral last night.

Matthew J. McKinley said...

Mine, Cardinal Mahony, is probably hyper ventilating pending the SSPX excommunications being lifted.

Cullen said...

I currently have no bishop. :-( The Diocese of Charleston has been without one for awhile now since Birmingham decided to steal the Most Reverend Robert J. Baker. Pray for us.

Dixi said...

My bishop of Rockford has health problems. Please pray for him!

Where was Cardinal George, the head of the USCCB?

About 2 years ago I heard Cardinal George say he won't deny Holy Communion from pro-abort politicians. Five minutes later he said America as we know it won't exist in 50 years. Hmm.., I wonder why.

The bishops should have wrote letters and educated the laity BEFORE the election.

mark said...

I offer an idea for a cartoon, but I can’t draw.

Title: Irony

Three windows

#1 Two southern gentlemen with pillowcases over their heads facing each other, one with a sign saying “Obama Yes We Can"., the other “What the #$%?”

#2 The placard carrying clan-man says “Obama has authorised the FOCA, he’ll kill more blacks in a day that we’ve done in 160 years”

#3 Two southern gentlemen with pillowcases over their heads each with signs saying “Obama Yes We Can" and “Obama Change".

Paul Nichols said...

Good points, Mark. Might be a little involved for a cartoon, but the point can't be avoided that abortion has wiped out more minorities than the KKK ever did.