Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Pope Benedict Caricature

Pope Benedict stopped by my office recently, since he'd heard about this awful conservative Catholic who was doing all these awful cartoons. So we chatted a bit about nothing in particular, although he had nothing but good things to say about The Crescat (

Anyway, he struck a pose and said, "Hey, draw me like so." So I figured, hey, what the heck. I didn't even charge him for it.

[Of course, all of the preceding is a huge load of malarkey; but feel free to check out my latest efforts - doing military caricatures for the Best of the Best :]


Mark Cephas Tan said...

This sketch is awesome!

Paul Nichols said...

Hey thanks Mark. Maybe they can hire me as the Vatican Caricaturist!

Mickey Jackson said...

God bless the Holy Father.

Carolina Cannonball said...

so the Pope saying good things about my blog is a load of malarky, eh?

Yeah your probably right... nothing good can come of it. ;-P