Friday, March 9, 2007

R.E. Congress

Cardinal Mahony's Dissent-Fest is ongoing in Los Angeles. Of course, all the presenters there have to meet certain, ahem, criteria. They don't just let ANYBODY in there...

Check out some what's presented over at the Roman Catholic Blog :


Brian Michael Page said...


Two factors arise, leading to Jesus being rejected:
1- Jesus is Truth, and MahonyFest organizers can't handle the Truth, and
2- They couldn't let Him see His Precious Blood being poured into KoolAid pitchers.

I was originally thinking the "No king is without honor except in his native place" scenario, but then realized... Los Angeles ISN'T his native place.


Paul Nichols said...

The other thing, in answer to point #2, is that they probably don't even believe it IS His precious blood they're abusing.

Brian Michael Page said...

Nope. You're right, Paul. Just some "symbol". Nothing more.
Gotta love the misinformed. Needless to say, I posted your cartoon with my interpretation on the CV blog and one regular tried to accuse me of damn-near blasphemy.
Oh well. I stand by what I wrote.

midwestmom said...

The priest who married us used to lament about the amount of paperwork that came out of the chancery. Commenting specifically about a want ad for a position in the diocese, he said, "Jesus Christ need not apply!"

Paul - The name of this workshop at the New Ways Ministry Symposium in Minneapolis this weekend got me laughing. How about depicting it in a cartoon?

Sharon Casey, OP—Lesbian Nuns: Steps, Stumbles, and Strides

Paul Nichols said...

Midwest Mom-

You've got to be kidding me. I'll have to work on that one.

Lesbian nuns. Sheesh!

midwestmom said...

Can you say "Vatican Intervention"?

Brian Michael Page said...

Paul, this is no word of a lie...
My organ instructor from the mid 1980's and I were talking about inclusive language one time, and he had said that it started with "lesbian nuns". Too funny, but true.

midwestmom said...

Lesbian Nuns: Steps, Stumble and Strides

I'm picturing an older nun in polyester pantsuit with oversized cross pendant crossed with the depiction of the evolution of man.

Or maybe start her out in full habit and then show her 'evolving' to the pantsuit.

Put on a T-shirt, it could be a big seller at the next LA RECongress!

Paul Nichols said...

"Or maybe start her out in full habit and then show her 'evolving' to the pantsuit."

Midwest Mom, you've given me an idea. I'll have to try and get another one done this week. Sometimes having a day job gets in the way of being a cartoonist!

midwestmom said...


I was thinking that same thing! The proper word would, of course, be "DE-volving".

Yes, the upright nun in full habit, then the pantsuit with veil only and then ditch the veil.

I'd buy the T-shirt!