Thursday, April 29, 2010

More left-wing wackery from the USCCB

Not surprisingly, the USCCB has come down on the side of illegality with regards to the new Arizona law.

Part of the news release says:
"The U.S. Catholic bishops stand in solidarity with the bishops of Arizona in opposing this draconian law. We call upon the Administration to review its impact on civil rights and liberties. "

Boo hoo. Not a word about the civil liberties and rights of CITIZENS to not be shot and killed, or robbed or raped by hordes of mongrels prowling our streets. No, that's okay. In fact, I guess in the eyes of the Bishops, we should gladly open our doors to theft and assault.

These jokers can be counted on to come down on the wrong side of practically every issue. And even on the occasional time when they get something right, they're so mealy-mouthed about it that it's embarassing.

Read the news release (try not to laugh too hard):

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

The press loves a good scandal...

...if for no other reason than to use it to bludgeon the Church. During Holy Week, the press could hardly contain themselves in their efforts to tarnish the Church. Their glee was two-fold; not only could they pounce all over the Pope, but they got to do it during Holy Week. I'm sure they were all high-fiving one another off camera.

Pray for the Holy Father as he carries his cross.