Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hey, let's form a committee!

Members of the "Gang of 18" don't like being held accountable to the Faith they supposedly hold. Some Catholic members of Congress were highly critical of the Pope's remarks regarding Catholic politicians putting themselves at risk for excommunication based on their activities in office (most notably enabling and promoting abortion).

For two responses to this little temper tantrum:

First we have Father Euteneuer, of Human Life International, basically telling them to get with the program or hit the road : http://www.hli.org/press_releases_gang_of_18_leave_church.html .

Then you have the Gang of Bureaucrats at the USCCB, who couldn't get out of the way of a speeding train without forming a committee, offering a "statement" :

While we should throw a parade for them not taking 2 years to put the statement out, it stills shows that "committee-speak" is never a good substitute for being clear and unambiguous. Guess they didn't want to offend all their "friends".

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Manga Madness

The Office of Vocations (UK) has a site (www.calledtoday.com) that seeks to use Manga-style cartoons to entice people to join the religious life. Aside from the "What??" factor, if you visit their site, you'll notice how the priest is (purposely?) shoved to the back of the crowd. Maybe they giving out a subliminal message on what they think of the priesthood, as opposed to other states of religious life.

If this idea comes to America, I doubt they'll tap ME as their cartoonist...

Friday, May 11, 2007

Fun with Movie Posters

"For 40 years the forces of darkness ran rampant all over the Traditional Faith. Those who loved the Faith huddled in darkness until, little by little, the stranglehold of the Faithless began to weaken. Like flowers springing from rocks, the Traditional Faith began to rise again. First in the laity, then in the clergy, until their numbers became formidable enough to mount a counter attack. This is their story..."

Maybe one day they'll make a movie of our stand against Satan's tyrants...

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

How the Grinches Stopped the Motu Proprio

Riding around cutting an acre and a half of grass on a 48" tractor can lead one's mind to ponder all sorts of things. And since I ponder in a comical sense, it struck me that all of these "leaders" we have out there who just HATE the Traditional Faith have got to be having late night strategy sessions to find a way - any way - to cut this Motu Proprio off at the pass. It just made me think of the Grinch and how he obsessed with the happiness that the Who's got from Christmas. I'm sure the Grinches of the Church feel the same resentment towards those of us who experience JOY in the Traditional practices of the Faith.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Feeling the Maytag Man's pain...

I'm sure that since the St. Michael prayer was dropped at the end of the Mass in the 60's, the number of entreaties to Heaven for his protection have dropped too. Oh, I know some have kept it, but it's use is pretty scarce compared to the old days.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Liturgical epilepsy (dancing)

Considering how the liberals love to interpret the meaning of "celebrating the Mass" to suit their own agenda, I thought I'd offer two viewpoints on the issue:

This link is to an article by a pro-dance Fr. Robert VerEecke (although I'll bet a dozen hot, fresh Krispy Kreme donuts that he goes by "Fr. Bob"). His article is typical of the liberals who advocate this idiocy : http://www.americamagazine.org/gettext.cfm?textID=1653&articleTypeID=1&issueID=366

And of course, it's in America Magazine. And he's a Jesuit. As if you couldn't have guessed.
For the good Cardinal Arinze's take, slide north across the border to the Golden Girl's blog: