Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Liturgical epilepsy (dancing)

Considering how the liberals love to interpret the meaning of "celebrating the Mass" to suit their own agenda, I thought I'd offer two viewpoints on the issue:

This link is to an article by a pro-dance Fr. Robert VerEecke (although I'll bet a dozen hot, fresh Krispy Kreme donuts that he goes by "Fr. Bob"). His article is typical of the liberals who advocate this idiocy : http://www.americamagazine.org/gettext.cfm?textID=1653&articleTypeID=1&issueID=366

And of course, it's in America Magazine. And he's a Jesuit. As if you couldn't have guessed.
For the good Cardinal Arinze's take, slide north across the border to the Golden Girl's blog:


†Crux-εEt-ΩGladius. said...

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Luis Benito Román Rojas.

Mark Tan said...

Those liberals always think that everything done must be done for the 'community' like those silly liturgical dances. But they forget the part about worshipping God. Nice one!

Anonymous said...


Don’t the texts of our liturgical music sing of a dancing people of God? “Let us build the city of God,/ may our tears be turned into dancing!” (“City of God,” Dan Schutte).

This is simply hilarious.
What makes him think that Dan Schutte has ever written a decent Catholic Liturgical hymn? What makes him think that it is in any way authoritative?


Paul Nichols said...

I think it all comes down to the fact that they (liberals) have such a completely different view of God than what we do.

Their God is one who makes no demands on them, expects nothing from them, and who is just some big nice "muppet" in the sky.

It's a distinctly "unmanly" and inaccurate view of God, held by some women and the most unmanly of men.

Sanctus Belle said...

"It's a distinctly "unmanly" and inaccurate view of God, held by some women and the most unmanly of men."

I couldn't have put it better. I am a woman and the feminization of the Liturgy is sickening to me. Men are to be the leaders, Satan took the high ground in attacking masculinity - using militant feminism as his greatest weapon. O how many have fallen! Only frilly women and gay men could possibly like gyrating, gown-flowing liturgical dance!

The other link here I think is this: Sensitive, syrupy priests do not attract young boys to the priesthood. A boy looks at him and says to himself "No way do I want to be like him!" If we want more vocations, we need more strong, manly priests.

Paul Nichols said...

Amen to that, Sanctus. Sissified priests most certainly won't attract anything to the priesthood except for more sissies.

Of course, nobody will let on that this is another of the myriad reasons for a lack of vocations.

Just as no man will follow a weak general, and nobody (man or woman) respects a weak boss, then it follows that no normal boy or man will follow in the footsteps of the limp-wristed priest.

Let someone say such a thing, though, and you'll be rained on by all the spin-doctors out there.

Michelle Therese said...

Wow!! People who aren't afraid to share their honest opinions!


WOOOHOOO!! God bless!

-Michelle Therese
The Walled Garden

Paul Nichols said...

Hey, thanks for stopping in, Mrs. Coffee. I'll add you to the blogroll. Nice blog, by the way. And very good poverty pictures. I often tell my kids that they *really* have no idea how good they have it, and how quickly they could lose it.

A look at those pictures would do them some good.

Anonymous said...

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