Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Me thinks they doth protest too much...

I missed this a couple of weeks ago, but Mary Rose over at the Prodigal Catholic Daughter has a post about more whining at the National Catholic Distorter about the investigation into LCWR communities.

She does a great job of commenting on the whining:


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Hand Never Held

At Mass this past Sunday, with January 22 coming up, our Priest touched on the abortion issue at Mass. He stated that we should make a special penance on that day, which sounds like a good idea. Right after the homily, we stood for the Creed. As we started, my little one (he's six, but he's still my little one), slipped his fingers into my hand. I turned and looked at him and he gave me the sweetest little smile - the one all of us parents see from time to time, that kind that can make your heart break into a million tiny pieces.

As I turned back to finish the Creed, my mind drifted as I held his little fingers. I thought back to the homily. I thought of all the little hands never held, all the smiles missed, all the joy missed out on over these last 36 years that we've had legalized abortion in this country. As so often happens, I drew a mental picture.

It may not be very original.
It may not even be very good.
Hopefully it conveys what I saw.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Connecting the dots?

AISH has a good article on our refusal to "connect the dots" on these so- called "isolated" incidents.

Obama's inability to see Islam as the problem can be boiled down to either naivety or a refusal to deal with reality. I don't believe he's naive. Refusing to see the enemy doesn't make the enemy any less real. Obama's problem is this - how does he continue to play the role of President while at the same time allow it's enemies to run wild?

Read the article here:
Also: Red State has a Connect the Dots cartoon with a different twist than mine.
See it here:

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Diversity yes - Catholicism no

I saw something recently that referenced a "parish diversity council", and naturally I wondered "What the he-"? What does a parish need a "diversity council" (or any council) for? Funny, whenever I found a "diversity council", I never saw any reference to a Latin Mass at those parishes. Just sayin'.

Maybe there should be some Parish Catholic Councils, as a way to ensure that some Catholicism is retained in a given parish. "Sorry Ms. Judy Attitudy, a Pie Throwers Mass doesn't square with the GRIM, so NO, you can't have one."

Acts of the Apostacy has a review of the recently experienced Talk Show Mass.


Monday, January 4, 2010

The Secular Humanist Choir Sings!

Yesterday, the Feast of the Epiphany, we closed the Mass by singing Oh Come All Ye Faithful. Thankfully, this NOT being the 2nd Sunday of the Month, it was NOT accompanied by a guitar.

I found myself humming it during the day, in between watching as much football as I could. I also found myself thinking of what our pastor said during the homily, about the Epiphany being the "unveiling" of Christ and how the Magi "took a different route" once they'd seen the Lord. (Some of that had to do with the angels, of course).

The Epiphany or our Lord. Probably something the atheists hate even more than Christmas itself. I mean, for crying out loud, it's bad enough we have to celebrate His birth, then a week later we celebrate the "unveiling" for all to see??? Sheesh!!

So while humming Oh Come All Ye Faithful, somehow I was struck with the idea of how the secular humanists would sing it.