Monday, January 11, 2010

Connecting the dots?

AISH has a good article on our refusal to "connect the dots" on these so- called "isolated" incidents.

Obama's inability to see Islam as the problem can be boiled down to either naivety or a refusal to deal with reality. I don't believe he's naive. Refusing to see the enemy doesn't make the enemy any less real. Obama's problem is this - how does he continue to play the role of President while at the same time allow it's enemies to run wild?

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Also: Red State has a Connect the Dots cartoon with a different twist than mine.
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Joe of St. Thérèse said...

That's what neither the MSM or Zero has figured out that Islam IS the enemy.

Paul Nichols said...

They can't admit that Islam is the enemy, Joe, because then they'd have to face up to it. They lack the backbone for it.

And Obama won't because he doesn't want to offend his muslim brothers.

Paul Giggz said...

Islam the Problem? What was the verse that Jesus stated. Don't talk about the splinter in one's eye, when you have a log in yours. But the Catholic Church has a tree in theirs. Catholicism is no different than any other religion. The Pope is supposedly the Person who represents Jesus on Earth. But as you can see the the Present day Structure is collapsing as we speak. BYE BYE MATRIX

Paul Nichols said...

Uh, sure, Patrick. Your opinion is just what the Publik Skools ordered. Well done, good and faithful serf.

Anonymous said...

I would not say Islam is the problem. Islamism, yeah. That is the problem, but don't forget that there are still fanatical Christians out there too. Islam is a beautiful, and at its heart a peaceful religion, so to blame an entire faith is just silly. It comes off the same as Dawkins; blaming people who believe in God for all of the world's problems.

Paul Nichols said...

but don't forget that there are still fanatical Christians out there too. Islam is a beautiful, and at its heart a peaceful religion,
Gee, I must have missed all those news reports of roving bands of Christians going around killing Muslims. And surely the media has suppressed those reports of Catholic priests and bishops calling for the deaths of Muslims everywhere.

You're just another politically-correct apologist, Joseph.

Anonymous said...

The Klan are "Christians." Many hate groups find basis in some perverted form of "Christianity."

I am placing Christian[ity] in quotations because we know this is not true Christian living. Of the couple billion Christians on the planet, these are a small minority. It is the same with the Islamic community. There are 1 Billion of them on the planet...we don't see all of them murdering or calling for the murder of innocent Christians.

I have nearly converted to Islam twice in my life. I nearly said the shahada earlier this month actually. I didn't because I believe in the Trinity and cannot live otherwise (but that is slightly off-topic.)

Regardless, the Muslims that I know are some of the most caring and loving people I have ever met. And these are not progressive/relativist Muslims. They are very traditional in their moral values and beliefs. But they aren't crazy. They are not the problem. The are a part of a greater silent majority of Muslims in the world.

There was backlash towards Muslims after the Oklahoma City bombing (which wasn't even committed by a Muslim) and both WTC attacks. Just as we Catholics are oppressed and stereotyped in this country, so are Muslims. Every time you see them on TV, they are terrorists. Every time you see a Catholic priest on TV, they are labeled pedophiles/rapists. But those are not facts, are they?

Paul Nichols said...

The fact that you "nearly converted" speaks volumes about your "belief" in the Trinity.

I'm not speaking of individual adherants to Islam. My point is that the leaders of Christianity, most notably the Pope, together with his Cardinals, Bishops, and Priests, do not go around calling for the heads of Muslims. Yet many leaders of Islam call for this very thing.

To deny that your enemy actually exists doesn't diminish the fact that he does. It just allows you to insulate yourself from reality.

Anonymous said...

Islam does not have the leadership that Christendom has. Sure, there are the Grand Muftis, but there is nothing comparable to apostolic succession through the Catholic Church. The leaders we hear about happen to be Muslim. Bin Laden, Ahmadinejad, Khamenei...all Muslims, but they do not delegate any sort of true law to Muslims worldwide.

Calling them the enemy destroys the possibility of dialogue. It only leaves the door open for more hate. I will admit, currently there are many things done in the name of Islam that are ripping the world apart, but again it is the vocal minority of the 1 Billion Muslims worldwide committing them.

Cynicism from fellow Catholics is one of the reasons I have searched for the truth beyond Catholicism. It has given me more strength in my faith than one can even imagine. And so Mr. Nichols, I will ask you not to be so cynical towards my faith journey. It drives people away from the faith.

Paul Nichols said...

Calling them the enemy destroys the possibility of dialogue.
Ah yes, "dialogue", the Holy Grail of liberalism.

Rather than calling evil that which is evil, let's dialogue with it.

Anonymous said...

I must disagree Mr. Nichols. Your calling an entire religion an enemy destroys possibility of true ecumenism, as defined by the Holy Father.

If your cartoon said "Islamism," or "Islamists," I would've taken no issue with it. People like al-Qaeda are as Muslim as Nancy Pelosi is Catholic.

Paul Nichols said...

People like al-Qaeda are as Muslim as Nancy Pelosi is Catholic.
Well, for once, you'll get no argument from me... :oD