Thursday, December 31, 2009

It's all a conspiracy!

I wonder if the Christmas Incident will get any twists in Dan Brown's next book? Surely it was the work of some sinister force. Did anyone check where the people from Commonweal were? Or the National Catholic Distorter? And what IS the connection between the supposed lone rail-jumper and the enemies of Summorum Pontificam...?

Hehehe...Happy New Year everyone!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Fulton Sheen

With practically nobody else working at my company, I figured I'd get some sketching done...


Doug Patton of Canada Free Press has a great article to go along with this cartoon.

Here's a snippet:

There will be plenty of time in the New Year to discuss health care, global warming, the development of nuclear weapons by our enemies, and so many other topics concerning the fight for freedom in 21st Century America. With so many people disillusioned with the “hope and change” proffered recently as a substitute for true faith, this might be the best of times to examine the only true hope of humanity.

Read the entire article:

Thursday, December 17, 2009

A change of pace

I've always thought that one of these days I might grow up to be a real artist, but as time marches on, I suppose I'll have to be content with what God's given me.

I've always wanted to do something involving the Blessed Mother, but for some reason, the face is a hang up. With all of the beautiful artwork done over the ages, and still today, I can't do her justice. So I won't try.

But - there must be something I can do.

So I visualize who she is to me - comfort.

As a boy, she basically became the source of all motherly comfort for me. A mother always loves you, always understands. She's always calling us to her, and by doing so calling us to Jesus and to His Church.

This sketch is my humble attempt at artistic (using the term loosely) devotion.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Which one of these is not like the others?

Now that Christmas card season is done, I thought I'd catch up on some of the Catholic news I've been missing.

Apparently the Vatican has a MySpace page? Well, I suppose once you've jumped on YouTube, all the other social media can't be far behind. But I read that one of the songs on the Vatican playlist is by Tupac Shakur? I had to double-check, because that sure sounds like a Curt Jester April Fool's prank.

But sure enough, it's there. And over at Catholic Sensibility, I see that some Paulist Father thinks it's an excellent choice for Advent: "I can’t help but think that Shakur’s song makes a fine Advent anthem. This holiday season is all about change and renewal. That grasshopper-eating prophet of repentance, John the Baptist, takes center stage in the liturgical readings, exhorting his followers to make way for a new day."

Um, yeah. What's next - will they add "Creeping Death" by Metallica, which sings about the Passover (believe it or not)?

Try as they might, too often when the Church tries to "be relevant" it just comes off as a little...lame.


Friday, December 4, 2009

What the Hell, indeed.

No cartoon needed. Besides, any cartoon I'd come up with would be too offensive.

Friday, November 20, 2009

One second thought, think I'll skip the second collection

A Catholic Mom in Hawaii has a good post about the upcoming Second Collection this Sunday for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD).

I'll be skipping it, but I'm still a little miffed that my diocese is still collecting for this organization. If I was in Baltimore, or maybe Los Angeles, it wouldn't surprise me. But Harrisburg? Sheesh.

They should change the name to the Catholic Campaign for Human Destruction. A little truth in advertising, maybe?

Read more at :

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Obama and the American Soldier - 2009

If he's not going to help, then just get them out of there.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Holy Water Dispenser in the Age of Swine Flu

The Curt Jester has a post about someone apparently trying to come up with an automatic holy water font, to prevent people from pickup the creeping crud when dipping into the holy water. We could use a misting tent, like they do at summer picnics, or a good ol' water hose. Why not make it fun, and use a soda water dispenser like in those old Warner Brothers cartoons?

Monday, November 9, 2009

Christmas hiatus

It's that time of year again. Despite the down economy, businesses are still sending out Christmas cards, thanks be to God. Of course, at some places they call them "Holiday Cards", but at Trade Greetings, Inc., it's Company Policy to call them what they are - CHRISTMAS CARDS.

Now, I understand that for some, political correctness is a way of life. I don't agree with it, but I understand it. As for me and my little company, it's Christmas. No other "holiday" even qualifies. I make Christmas Cards for companies to send out Christmas salutations during the Christmas Season.

I'll return in a month or so, and until then, I wish you all an early Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, October 23, 2009


So the Pope starts working on a large door to allow for truckloads of Anglicans to come on in. Welcome, welcome, welcome. But whenever conversion talk starts going on, Cardinal Kasper always seems to be ashamed that conversions take place.

He says : “We are not fishing in the Anglican lake; proselytism is not the policy of the Catholic Church.

Well, it certainly seemed to be the policy of Our Lord. Something about "Come, follow me, and I will make you fishers of men." (for the politically sensitive, that includes women)

If Cardinal Kasper is head of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, how exactly does he expect "unity" if not by conversion? And why does he seem so ashamed of the Faith of which he's a Authorized Representative?

Source: Catholic News Service

Monday, October 12, 2009

RCIA in the Age of Obama

The Nobel Committee has officially sold their own prestige down the river with their preemptive awarding of the Peace prize to President Obama. Sheesh, if they wanted to honor an America-hating Peacenik, there are plenty of them who've done more than Obama, like maybe Tom Hayden, or Cindy Sheehan, or Jane Fonda.

Maybe the Committee is just trying to jump to the front of the line in the Obama Praise Department. Or, maybe they've just been watching too much MSNBC.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The [Catholic] Supreme Court?

David Gibson over at Politics Daily has a good article exploring the fact that, with the opening of the new term, fully 66% of the Justices are Catholic. (For those of you who went to public schools, that's 6 out of 9).

There are plenty out there who see this as a bad thing. This crowd is made up of the usual suspects - the nominal Catholics, the fallen-away Catholics, more than a few radical protestants, and unbelievers in general. And, as can be expected, their arguments center on the Big Two - abortion and homosexuality.

While the article is even-handed, Mr. Gibson does get one thing wrong. He states that the justices decided a case involving capital punishment, and then claims that the decision clashed with Church teaching on the issue (inferring that the Church doesn't allow for capital punishment).

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bishops & Health Care "reform"

From Catholic News Service:
WASHINGTON (CNS) -- Though Bishop William F. Murphy of Rockville Centre, N.Y., concedes there's no political will in Washington to include illegal immigrants in health care reform, he believes it's the country's moral obligation to ensure that everyone in the nation receives proper medical care.

That includes those who enter the country illegally, he told Catholic News Service in mid-September.

The "big three" in the health care "reform" models are Abortion, Contraception, and Illegals. We don't want abortion funding. Well, tough, it'll be in there. We don't want contraception funding. Well, tough, it will be in there. We don't want illegals included. Well, tough, it will be in there.

The blind spot that the illegal cheerleader lobby has overlooked (willfully, I think), is that you won't be able to pick or choose from among the big three. By pushing for illegals to have access, the Bishops are aiding and abetting the expansion of abortion and contraception; Obama and the Democrats will not have a health care bill that doesn't include illegals, abortion, and contraception. That's the "big 3".

What the Bishops fail to realize is that by advocating a government takeover of health care, they're holding the door open for the very beast that will chew up Catholic healthcare and spit it out.

Read all about it at Catholic News Service:

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Not that this is a complete list, but you get the idea. Take the poll and vote on which of these has had the worst effect on the Mass.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

You say it like that's a bad thing...

Well, Fr. McBrien is up to his old (and getting older) tricks. This time, in his dissent-o-pulpit in the National Catholic Reporter, he said the following regarding Eucharistic Adoration:

"Eucharistic adoration, perpetual or not, is a doctrinal, theological, and spiritual step backward, not forward."

Gee, considering where the "forward-thinking" post-Vatican II types have been leading us for 40 years, maybe a step backward isn't such a bad idea.

But consider how, in this case, "reaching back to antiquity" is a bad thing. Yet when the dissenters want to trash the liturgy, they appeal to some old, long outdated practice as justification for their novelties.

So I suppose the only conclusion one can draw is this: that appealing to antiquity, in the dissenters eyes, is only a bad thing when it leads us closer to Christ.

Father Z gives McBrien his good-ol' RED LETTER treatment over at WDTPRS?:

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Obama - The New Schoolmarm

What Obama *didn't* say:
"Hi kids, it's me, your dear leader. I'm here to implore you to stick with school, so that you can become good citizens - plus, with all my entitlement programs, we're going to need many of you to foot the bill! So work hard, kids!"

Monday, August 24, 2009

Catholic Husbandry 101

Since Sunday's 2nd reading was on the controversial issue of wives submitting to husbands, maybe the USCCB should have this inserted into the missalette. This way, you could listen to the whole version of the reading without offending the feminists in the pews. Although, on second thought, they'd probably still be offended anyway, since there's really no placating them.

I've not heard of any Catholic Husband's group complaining that the shorter version only deals with how husbands should treat their wives, but I've heard that the Catholic Husbands United for Marital Peace (CHUMP) have held symposiums on the issue. ;o)~

Friday, August 21, 2009

Partners in Life and Death???

As you've probably heard, Obama had the gall to proclaim that "...we are partners with God in matters of life and death".


First, I'm wondering who the "we" are. The Government? Obama himself? Who's "we"?

If Heaven were to ever issue an "Oh, B.S.!" memo, this would HAVE to be the time.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Robert Novak, RIP

I came of age politically in the 80's watching him hold forth on The McLaughlin Group. My favorite political observer/writer. May God rest his soul.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

LCWR celebrates the Year of the Priest (not)

In this Year of the Priest, many parishes and dioceses make mention of it on their websites and have special emphasis on appreciating everything these men do for the flock. Being the type of guy I am, I wondered "Hey, I wonder what the LCWR has to say about it?". Naturally, there doesn't appear to be any special mention of it on their website (big surprise!).

Then I read the article in the NC Reporter about their big Nag-Fest in New Orleans. Doesn't seem like they're too thrilled with it. It's bad enough that the big, bad ol' Catholic Church keeps women "down", but then to celebrate it with a special Year for Priests? AND actually have the gall to investigate the LCWR???? For heaven's sake, I'm surprised they didn't invite in some Muslims to assist them in burning the Pope in effigy.

The comments following the article are good for comical relief, too. Have a gander:

Monday, August 10, 2009

LazyBoy Liturgy

Ah, it's good to be back from the beach (not).

But in any event, I stumbled upon a post by The Reverend Father, Daren J. Zehnle, who is Parochial Vicar of St. Anthony of Padua Parish in Illinois.

Apparently, he's recently given a homily whereby he touched upon attire at Mass. He posts a few of the responses in the comment box. It's funny to read some of the reasons for being "laid back" in the attire department. I'm sure we've all seen and heard these reasons before.

Father Zehnle handles it well, it appears, and with good humor, and looks to gently guide his flock in the proper direction. Best of luck to him!

And for more, check out Denise Hunnell's column in the DC-Area Examiner:

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

If you build it, they will tear it down...

Inspired by a comment in the ComBox of the last cartoon, here's the Pope doing what he can to rebuild some Tradition into the Church. Of course, every time that he does, you see the uproar and disdain from those committed to a "new Church", which claims a history only as far back as 1968.

Recently we saw the uproar over the whole SSPX/Holocaust issue. As though someone who thinks a certain way on a particular issue can't possibly be allowed in the Church. And, to be clear, I certainly wouldn't deny the Holocaust. But if someone wants to deny it, or take issue with the # of people lost, I figure, hey, it's a free world.

But the uproar that it created, both on the theological Left and Right, was just too over the top, when you consider that we have things like this =====> going on in parishes that are considered more "in communion" with Rome than an SSPX parish.

There are parishes like this all over the country, but I don't see anything being done about it. The silence, or in some cases, outright endorsement of this sort of thing by dioceses and Archdioceses (in this case, Baltimore), makes the uproar over Bishop Williamson seem hollow.

Parishes like this St. Bernadette's are "in communion". But an SSPX isn't. Wow.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Thou Shalt Not Kneel...

I've read in a couple of places (most recently Portugal), that some dioceses or individual parishes are mandating communion in the hand, to combat the spread of the Swine Flu. In some areas, to me, that sounds reasonable, especially if they also suspend the Sign of Peace (Portugal). I know in my own parish, during flu season, the priest will invite us to give one another a "nod" instead of pressing the flesh and back slapping one another.

Maybe it's just the cynical side of me, but doesn't it seem like (yet) another backdoor way to mandate communion in the hand altogether?

This is how the destroyers of the Faith work. They seize on any opportunity to make it work towards their ends.

First, communion in the hand was introduced. Then, after the horses were out of the barn, it was approved.

Then, when Tradition begins to push back, they mandate standing as the "norm" to receive communion. Was there really some need to mandate standing? Other than spite?

Will communion in the hand be mandated soon, based on some backdoor "need"? Naturally, they'd say "Well, we understand those who like to receive on the tongue, but due to (insert excuse here), we need to have everyone receive in the hand.

Here's a link to an article (I don't know anything about the writer, so don't take this as some sort of endorsement. It appears to be just a general Catholic column):

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Time for some pruning?

Luke Coppen over at the Catholic Herald (UK) has a good article on the "pruning" that the Pope is getting started in the Church.

He has some interesting points and it's worth taking a look at:

My own opinion is that rather than prune back the overgrowth from Vatican II, he should cut the whole tree down and start over. Of course, that could never happen, even if the Pope wanted to, because the enemies within the Church walls outnumber the ones outside.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Just for fun

Here's one from the vault: (1991)

Femi-Nuns on the defensive

Angel Queen links to a recent NY Times article on the investigation that's underway into women religious orders here in the U.S.

Mother Mary Clare Millea, who is heading up the visitation, looks very much like the good sisters who taught me back in the 70's. They were Immaculate Heart of Mary sisters (the good branch), who wore the habits, kept order, and didn't teach us any mumbo-jumbo.

Naturally, the Femi-Nuns are up in arms about this visitation. Perhaps because they realize the Vatican is on to them.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Dr. Obama, report to the Mortuary, uh, I mean, ER...

Dr. Obama has plans. Oh, does he have plans. God help us if he succeeds in his health care designs. Well, actually, God probably won't be allowed to help us, since He'll be completely excused from life or death decisions. Those will now be left up to Dr. Obama and his Citizen Reduction Commission.

Warner Todd Huston has a great article over at the Conservative Crusader:

Monday, June 22, 2009

Witches upset!

Jeff over at the Curt Jester has a blurb about some witches' group who are upset that a Catholic Social Club won't let them rent out some space. First, it's amusing that they'd even try (or maybe it's not, actually). Second, it's funnier that they'd actually get bent out of shape for being rejected.

Check out the story:

Friday, June 19, 2009

Obama cries that Fox News is out to get him...

Politics Daily has a piece on The Messiah complaining that Fox News is out to get him. I suppose he's upset that Fox News is the only holdout on the LoveObama Bandwagon, upon which every major media outlet, save a few, have basically become Obama Cheerleaders.

But those pesky fellows over at Fox are not joining the party, and Obama seems pretty miffed about it. How is he supposed to carry out his agenda if someone out there is peeking under the tent?

Keep up the good work, Fox.

Read about it over at Politics Daily:

Friday, June 12, 2009

Help Wanted - Bad Catholic

I have to wonder where all these bad Catholics come from that surround Obama. Is there some sort of Bad Catholic Placement Agency out there? Probably headquartered in Orange County, CA. Whenever Obama needs another Catholic Embarassment, does he pick up the red phone and tell Rahm Emanuel "Quick, find me another BC (bad Catholic).

Or - and maybe this is it - is there a directory of Bad Catholics? If so, it's probably published by Oregon Catholic Press, that hothouse of Bad Catholic Publishing...

I'm just sayin'...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Abortionist Tiller shot at church

What can one possibly say? The Left, of course, says that all those crazy and insane anti-abortion people are responsible for the death of a humble, gentle soul. The Right says that while it's a most unfortunate thing, the worst part of it is that it doesn't help the cause.

And the reason it doesn't help the cause is that those in the "mushy middle" - those spoon-fed their opinions by the mainstream media, will be fed a daily dose of how awful those darned pro-lifers are. We fight an uphill battle with the mainstream media, and certainly this just makes the hill even steeper. Thanks for nothing, bonehead.

We can commend Tiller's soul to the mercy of God, and hope that we, in our own lives, aren't called to account so suddenly.

But sympathy? I'm in a bit of short supply on this one.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Papal Apology I'd Like To See

Couldn't you just imagine it? The Pope given an opportunity to apologize for all these awful "Catholics" in the public square and in the hierarchy? That would be just too rich.

Fruits of Vatican II indeed!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Another Catholic Chump

Fr. Jenkins officially takes the "Catholic Weenie" award away from Fr. Reese.

The Curt Jester has plenty of good stuff on it :

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pope Benedict can't win...

Another day, another aggrieved group is upset with the Pope. Seems every day, someone is demanding an apology from the Pope for some transgression, be it ancient, recent, true, or untrue.

He simply can't win, because the deck is stacked against the Church. If the Church refuses to be bullied into an apology, well, that means it's rotten and awful. If She does apologize, well, the apology just isn't profound enough.

The Church needs to stop worring about what the "world" thinks of Her. The "world" hates Her and always will. No amount of politically correct kowtowing will change it.

It might be time to get some plywood and cover up those windows to the world that were opened up after Vatican II.

Read all about it at The Jerusalem Post:

Friday, May 8, 2009

Endangered species?

Catholic News Agency has the story of another "Catholic Democrat" (Rep. Jessica Farrar (D-Houston)) who's introduced some measure in Texas that basically gives you 12 months - after the birth - to kill your baby - just in case you couldn't get the job done prior to the birth.

As a "stunt" bill, maybe a good Catholic legislator (is there one?), should introduce a bill in Congress adding the pre-natal and post-natal human to the Endangered Species List. Or is that just for plants and animals?

Here is the link to the story:

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

2009 Cannonball Catholic Blog Awards!

The Crescat has blogs up for the 2009 Cannonball Catholic Blog Awards!

I'm nominated in two sections:
"Best Under Appreciated Catholic Blog"
"Best Catholic Blog That Needs To Be Updated More Often"

Check out the site for voting details,

Glad Fr. Jenkins isn't a time traveler...

He's digging in those heels, isn't he? It would appear that Fr. Jenkins is more of a "cultural Catholic" than a "religious Catholic". For them, politics trumps "the Faith" every time.

One day, and it certainly can't come soon enough, a real Catholic will once again be in charge at Notre Dame and will restore it's squandered reputation.

If you haven't signed the petition:

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Georgetown U. at the Resurrection

CNS News has an article about Georgetown covering up the "IHS" on the request of the White House. Certainly wouldn't want people confused about who the real Messiah is, I suppose.

What's not surprising is that the White House would request it. What is surprising, or should be, is that Georgetown complied. Then again, given their track record, maybe it's not so surprising.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Liturgical Cabaret

Fr. Longenecker has a post linking to an article in the Daily Telegraph about how the Diocese of Leeds (England) is attempting to put a stop to the ad-libbing that goes on at the start of the Mass. No more "Good morning" or "Hey, whazzup?" or "Did you see that game last night?", etc.

Sounds like a good start to me. We should be doing some of that ourselves.

Go to Fr.'s blog:

Thursday, April 2, 2009

My how times change...

"Cultural Catholics", like the ones at Notre Dame that still think it's a good idea to have Obama on campus, have traded the "Catholic" part and embraced the "Cultural" part. Of course, we all know that this "culture" they embrace is the Culture of Death.

Read the latest over at

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

One of these KNOWS he's the dummy...

Well, now we have the government determining who runs companies. Obama seems to be playing to the crowd for whom "Get the rich!" sounds like a good economic program. Will the government stop at GM? Or maybe with those companies who've received bailout money? Or maybe they'll stop at Mom and Pop's Corner Store?

So the same government who gave you Social Security, Medicare, Publik Skools, Welfare, and Socialism now proposes to give you automobiles.

Buckle up!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Jenkins digs in his heels at Notre Dame

Fr. Jenkins over at Notre Dame says :"We will honor Mr. Obama as an inspiring leader..."

An inspiring leader? Of what? The Abortion On Demand A Cappella Choir? He's certainly a leading figure in the Culture of Death. For this "leadership" he should be honored at a supposedly Catholic college? What's next? Will Grambling University invite David Duke to speak? Oh, wait, that couldn't happen, because the folks at Grambling don't hate their own the way today's Cultural Catholics do.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Notre Shame

Some genius over at Notre Dame thinks it would be great if President Obama gives the commencement address this year.

Sign the petition against this :

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Where's the Fish?

They probably hate Lent down under the sea...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

From the Vault (1991) - done for a community newspaper:

Monday, March 9, 2009

Bishops Annual Lenten Appeal

Don't try this at your parish!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The New Altar in American Catholicism?

The American Spectator has an article on how "Catholic" Democrats are doing the heavy lifting when it comes to promoting abortion, and whether Herr Obama is actively working to fan the flames within Catholicism by choosing the worst among us for positions of power in his administration.

I wonder how long it will be before this embarassment is dealt with by the Church. Not that I expect the American Church to actually do anything to really deal with these imposters, since so many in the upper echelons of the Church over here are on such friendly terms with the Democrat party.

We've witnessed a recent (and ongoing) flap over Bp. Williamson from the SSPX, and how his personal opinion on a historical event should disqualify him from being welcomed back into the Fold. At the same time, here in America, we have scores of Democratic Catholic politicians openly and actively dissenting from the very FAITH itself, and nobody questions their membership.

I'm sure the Hades Millstone Company is adding a whole 'nuther shift to keep up with the demand...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ash Wednesday

Whenever you go to get ashes, and then go out into public, you'll get at least one person who will say to you "Uh, you got a little something up here", as they point to their forehead. This is due to the fact that the "cross" on the forehead usually looks like a smudge, like maybe you were working on your car engine and laid your head on the radiator for a rest.

Now, I know our Priests (or their duly appointed assistants) can't be expected to be Artistes, but I propose that those of us with artistic tendencies offer our services; we can apply ashes with flair while the Priest recites the "Remember, man...".

All this for just, say, $1 a head. Say, if I could hit a few of the larger Ash Wednesday Masses, a Professional Ash Wednesday Ash Application Technician such as myself could pull in some serious coinage. Plus, since it's Ash Wednesday, I wouldn't have to take a lunch break, giving me more time to dash about town to the next mass.

I think I'll write to my Bishop...

Monday, February 23, 2009

Let nothing get in the way of your Liberal politics...

This is from Feb. 12, but I found myself amazed (somewhat) at what the President of the Catholic Assumption University of Windsor (Canada)said about the Church's teaching on abortion: " It's not infallible teaching ".

And from a priest no less!

And natch, the Bishop has no comment.

Read all about it at Life Site News:

Thursday, February 19, 2009

To hell in a handbasket

From the way things are going, I suppose those of us who still have jobs should just quit them and stop paying our mortgages, since The Grand High Poo-Bah of the World of Welfare is going to just take care of everything for us!

Read up on America's ticket to the flaming pit: