Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Abortionist Tiller shot at church

What can one possibly say? The Left, of course, says that all those crazy and insane anti-abortion people are responsible for the death of a humble, gentle soul. The Right says that while it's a most unfortunate thing, the worst part of it is that it doesn't help the cause.

And the reason it doesn't help the cause is that those in the "mushy middle" - those spoon-fed their opinions by the mainstream media, will be fed a daily dose of how awful those darned pro-lifers are. We fight an uphill battle with the mainstream media, and certainly this just makes the hill even steeper. Thanks for nothing, bonehead.

We can commend Tiller's soul to the mercy of God, and hope that we, in our own lives, aren't called to account so suddenly.

But sympathy? I'm in a bit of short supply on this one.


Anonymous said...

I think the fencesitters on abortion are going to be damned to hell. What better example of the lukewarm could you ask for?

Who cares what they think. If colour photographs and youtube videos of abortions don't convince people then nothing will. Their minds are made up. They like having sex and want to choose when to give birth and when to murderer like the pagans of old.

The only PR job the early Christians did was getting thrown to the lions for 200 years. It worked, eventually.

Paul Nichols said...

I don't know if I'd say that the fencesiters are damned to hell.

The sexual revolution of the 60's has blinded practically everyone. That's the problem you have. I think that the trend is in our favor, though.

Unknown said...

Quite a sobering story in any event.

tamtam said...

AMEN paul!!

while tiller's death is a tragedy, given the ironic circumstances by which he died. in a way it was like karma-here was a man who killed babies for a living, and he met his end by a vigilante who claimed to be pro-life.

i was debating on myspace with another blogger who argued that because tiller had been killed in church, he would earn a seat next to god, despite the 72,000 babies he killed in his career. i disagree with that argument because the way i see it, god doesnt care whether you die in church or in your bed. growing up, i was taught that we will all be judged accordingly with the way we lived our lives. since mr. tiller likely did not repent of his sins before he died, god might be especially harsh to him when it comes time for judgement.

paramedicgirl said...

That's a great cartoon, Paul. And I especially like your "bonehead" comment!

Paul Nichols said...

Yes, that guy was and is a bonehead. I told my daughter about it (she's 16) and the first thing she said was "Well, that doesn't help our side."

Sure, he got the result he wanted (Tiller dead), so it shows his selfishness, I think. He has to know that it turns some in the mushy middle against the pro-life cause.

On the other hand, you can't dismiss the fact that it's very likely that there are some babies out there that WON'T be aborted now that he's dead.

As for dying in a church, I often joke with my kids that if I'm going to go out with a stroke or heart attack, or some other type of sudden bucket-kicking event, I hope it's right in the middle of Mass, and right in front of the altar, because there's no other place in life that I'd be caught doing the best thing I can possibly do. :oD

Of course, that's no guarantee that I'm going to heaven, unless I suffer my demise the minute I walk out of the confessional - then I should be in good shape.

Tiller didn't get a chance at repentance, and I can understand the argument that the shooter took that away from him. Who knows? Maybe one day he would have.

Anonymous said...

God said, "Thou shalt not kill."

Pro Lifers indeed are taking a 'bad rap' by these renegade vigilantes.
Yet, we must continue to pray for all involved in the cruel butchering of innocent life, both in the womb and born. Satan instigates these shooters precisely to incriminate Pro Lifers and discourage us from continuing - despair of the cause. TAKE HEART - Satan has his hour; but God will have His Day. All the more reason to 'keep on keepin' on.'

Good cartoon.