Monday, March 23, 2009

Notre Shame

Some genius over at Notre Dame thinks it would be great if President Obama gives the commencement address this year.

Sign the petition against this :


WI Catholic said...

How Our Lady must be grieving....

livinatodds said...

Are we so uncertain of our faith that we cannot allow the president of the United States to speak on our campuses??? Can we not listen - and judge AFTER listening? The great saints of our church went out and met those who believed otherwise - engaged them in discussion - and proved their strength of faith, proselytizing tirelessly. Can we not do the same?

Paul Nichols said...

You're kidding, right? What could Herr Obama possibly say to make you think that the "judgement" we have of him (pro-abortion at any time) to be premature?

It has nothing to do with being uncertain in our Faith; it has everything to do with the inability of some to see evil and name it.

Obama has no more business addressing a Catholic college than a Klansman does addressing the NAACP. Of course, those at the NAACP wouldn't be so stupid as to invite someone who is working for their destruction.

tamtam said...

thats a good picture. did you draw it?

might i add that notre dame isnt the only university where barry will be delivering a commencement address. over here in AZ, barack will deliver the commencement address to the graduating class at arizona state. and they even rescheduled their grad ceremony just for him!! ok, ASU is a public university, but come on!! apparantly colleges really like this guy. not good for the rest of us who actually have faith in something thats NOT the gov't!

Christine said...

It frustrates me that Jenkins is allowed get away with having the most pro-death president in history speak at a "supposed to be Catholic" university. And giving him an honorary degree!

Paul Nichols said...

Yes, TamTam, I drew it. I like the idea that someone had over at the Curt Jester - that it should have been "Notre Damned" with Satan at the top. That would have worked too.

The frustrating thing, again, is that NOTHING is done about it. Obviously, the Pope has enough on his plate to get involved in this, but IF we had a Church here in America that was something OTHER than a quasi-religious wing of the Democratic party, then, and only then, would something be done about it.

More "fruits" of Vatican II; the Church of the 60's is in control.

The Crescat said...

congrats on the nod from Fr. Z.
official stardom. ;-P

Paul Nichols said...

Yea, isn't that great! Woo Hoo!

Blue Shoe said...


Unless Obama recants his pro-abortion career and pledges to work to end abortion, there's nothing he can say that will change the implications in honoring him at a Catholic university.


I share your frustration, but I think you're being a little harsh on the American Church. Sure, there are many faux Catholics here, but that's in large part probably due to poor catechesis. But there are still many good and faithful Catholics, as well. As for the bishops, they are like the ents from Lord of the Rings - powerful but slow to act. Let's pray they move soon.

WI Catholic said...


If this were a true 'dialogue' with someone like Fr Jonathan Morris, Fr Frank Pavone, or Fr Thomas Euteneuer sitting beside him in a forum where both sides were presented, including Catholic teaching, so that each would listen, learn, teach, then your view would be acceptable. But this isn't a forum or dialogue. It is a speech where the audience has no input, and there is noone to refute his very obvious and blatantly anti-life stance.

He is working on taking away my conscience rights as a health care provider. He is sending my tax dollars overseas to provide abortions. He is now also opening experimentation on embryos for their stem cells with my tax dollars-- which if you look at a site that is keeping track of the success of stem cell research has yielded NOTHING vs 73 separate diseases/conditions that have been helped dramatically by Adult or Cord blood stem cell research. And, they have now even gone on beyond that where they have found that they are able to get stem cells in other ways.

Embryonic Stem Cell Research is not needed, and there are at least two former proponents that have changed their minds and say now that it isn't worth attempting.

This man has promised to wipe out in one fell swoop everything that we have gained in the 36 yrs since Roe v Wade Doe v Bolton in one fell swoop by signing FOCA as soon as the legislative body can get it to him.

He stands for everything (including legal aspects) that the Church teaches is NOT good, and
N D is giving him an honorary LAW degree!

The invitation alone had gone against the USCCB’s policy against honoring pro-abortion politicians.

Tamtam, the difference between his speaking at N D and elsewhere is that N D is a Catholic university and the others are not. I have no objection to his being invited anyplace else. I can then voice my objection to his policies if I want to, but would recognize the secular universities' rights to have anyone they choose to have speak on any topic that they choose. The difference is ... a Catholic University needs to uphold Catholic values and Catholic teachings.

There has been comparisons to having David Duke speak to NAACP, but this is more comparable to the example used when Phil Donahue and Fr Jonathan Morris were on Fox news the other day. Martha MacCallum asked about having an antisemitic speaker invited to a primarily Jewish university. As she said, it goes against the central core of that university and its students' beliefs.

These students went to N D because it is a prestigious CATHOLIC university. Those values are what should be honored with degrees and commencement speakers, not those that are blatantly anti-Catholic.

Paul Nichols said...

"Sure, there are many faux Catholics here, but that's in large part probably due to poor catechesis. "
No argument there, Blue Shoe, but when did catechisis derail? During the 60's and 70's. And it derailed precisely because those in charge decided to "go with the flow" of Vatican II.

I went to Bishop McNamara HS outside of D.C., and the only thing I can remember being taught in Theology is that we should help the poor and one other thing about Jesus' humanity and can't be expressed in polite company.

Even today, we talk about how homilies generally avoid making any demands on us and fail to mention the great sins of the culture.

Sure, there are many good Catholics out there, in spite of their upbringing. And there are, among the hierarchy, good Catholic men, but they're still outnumbered.

Andrea said...

Folks- send a protest email to:

The USCCB in their 2004 statement said that it is forbidden to invite pro-abortionist politicians to speak at Catholic campuses or receive any other award or honor.

Kuroyanagi Ryou said...

Kenneth Connelly,

these are not fruits of the NO.. it is of evil and those pro-choice people.. they suck!

Anonymous said...

Where is The Pope's voice is this tragic event. I am ashamed to be Catholic. I live in Florida and 54% of Catholics voted for Obama. At least i know where God stands.

bathmate said...
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