Friday, August 21, 2009

Partners in Life and Death???

As you've probably heard, Obama had the gall to proclaim that "...we are partners with God in matters of life and death".


First, I'm wondering who the "we" are. The Government? Obama himself? Who's "we"?

If Heaven were to ever issue an "Oh, B.S.!" memo, this would HAVE to be the time.


Anonymous said...

"First, I'm wondering who the "we" are. The Government? Obama himself? Who's "we"?"

Maybe Obama already thinks he is the Holy Trinity.


concerned brother said...

bro please take time to read this:(copy and paste to browser)

Paul Nichols said...

"This new age will spring up from the young. It will come from the poor. It will come from the Christians in the East and in the Southern hemisphere, and when it comes it will be the true fulfilment of Vatican II. "
An interesting article, but I'm not sure what to make of your conclusion here. "True fulfillment" of Vatican II? Assuming you're correct, if a true fulfillment is some time in the future, then what do we make of the last 40 years?

If and when the Church settles into a day-to-day operation that isn't rife with contradictions, would She eventually repudiate all the lunacy of the time immediately after the Council?

It seems to me that one problem the Church faces is that it can't "correct the Ship" unless it admits that the Ship has gone off course in the first place. It seems at times that one unspoken rule is "Don't admit that there's a problem" or "don't criticize the fruits of Vatican II".

People can argue about the Council itself (good, bad, neutral), but there's no argument regarding what's happened *since* the Council. Those are the things that Traditional Catholics are angry about. And that doesn't seem too unreasonable to me.

concerned brother said...

we can be modern Catholics without losing identity

In the Church Ressourcement is Like a Sail, and Aggiornamento is Like the Boat. Without Either,the Other will be perished forever!

Simon said...

Obama is now using the royal "we", horrible!

tamtam said...


it's no secret that the bamster thinks he's god.

Paul Nichols said...

Hahahaha - The Bamster....

dadwithnoisykids said...

Well, it sounds seductively half-right, because as married couples we do participate in the creation of new life. I think Obama is more interested in the death part of this statement. Great blog site! I just discovered it and I'll have to follow it. God bless.