Thursday, April 29, 2010

More left-wing wackery from the USCCB

Not surprisingly, the USCCB has come down on the side of illegality with regards to the new Arizona law.

Part of the news release says:
"The U.S. Catholic bishops stand in solidarity with the bishops of Arizona in opposing this draconian law. We call upon the Administration to review its impact on civil rights and liberties. "

Boo hoo. Not a word about the civil liberties and rights of CITIZENS to not be shot and killed, or robbed or raped by hordes of mongrels prowling our streets. No, that's okay. In fact, I guess in the eyes of the Bishops, we should gladly open our doors to theft and assault.

These jokers can be counted on to come down on the wrong side of practically every issue. And even on the occasional time when they get something right, they're so mealy-mouthed about it that it's embarassing.

Read the news release (try not to laugh too hard):

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conflay said...

This law would violate the civil rights of Hispanics and other minorities that are US citizens. God forbid that my uncle that lives in Tuscon should forget his US Army ID card at home, otherwise he'll be arrested on the spot....Securing the border is one thing, legitimizing racial profiling is another. God bless.

Paul Nichols said...

You've been watching too much MSNBC, conflay. The law specifically states that racial profiling is a no-no, and you can only be stopped for probable cause.

The protests from the left are all about paving the way for the Reconquista that they're working on.

Paul Nichols said...

I just think your cartoon is racist and un-catholic.
Well, the question to ask, I suppose, is whether or not the portrayal is accurate to *some* extent. I've read reports of diseases being brought north over the border. I'd imagine you may have seen the same, although considering how the mainstream media covers up what they consider inconvenient, maybe you haven't.

But if my portrayal is accurate to some extent, then you're shooting the messenger.

tamtam said...

Once again, the USCCB is getting involved in something it shouldn't. I understand the need to watch over the flock, but when the flock is actively engaging in criminal activity, well, they're just setting themselves up for a scandal. The last thing the Catholic Church needs right now is another scandal.

As someone who lives in Arizona, I know all too well about the negative impact that illegal immigration has on our economy. Sure they may have wanted to come here for a better life, but with them, they brought crime and lower job opportunities for everyone else. Besides, the only reason the state of Arizona passed this law was because Gov. Jan Brewer appealed to the feds 5 times, and was snubbed. When the feds failed to do their job, the state stepped up to fill the void because that's what their constituents demanded.

Paul Nichols said...

This latest statement from them further illustrates how out of touch they really are.

Anonymous said...

Does the USCCB ever take into account the fact that illegal immigrants are routinely subjected to unsafe working conditions, extremly low wages and non-existent benefits? The USCCB and liberals are liable for the exploitation of humans by their encouragement of illegal immigration

Paul Nichols said...

Interesting point, Anonymous. I wonder if they actually can understand how much clout they DON'T have with the flock they're supposed to be leading.

The USCCB, as a body, is a laughingstock. I'd like to see the more sane bishops simply opt out of it.

Alfredo said...

The US begins with immigration. The latinos crossing the border aren't criminals, they have no other option since the misery throw them from their countries. The pope claims for the recognition of the immigration rights . I don't know what type a "catholic" (an universal one as the therm means, or what else?) are you, Paul. But your attitude is clearly antievangelical. The worse part of your posture is this: the vast majority of this immigrants are catholic as you say from yourself. Thus, they are not only your brothers by mankind, but also by Crhist.

Alfredo said...

Sorry, the link again:

Paul Nichols said...

the vast majority of this immigrants are catholic as you say from yourself. Thus, they are not only your brothers by mankind, but also by Christ.
The same is true of the common criminal, if he's a baptized Catholic. And those who are here illegally are already, under Federal law, criminals. Their Catholicity has nothing to do with their status.

And let's remember, there's a difference between legal and illegal immigrant. What gauls many of us is that these people come here illegally and then have the audacity to make claims on OUR tax dollars.

Our country is like a big home we all live in. That home should be secure from intruders. Would you leave your door unlocked and post a sign "All are welcome - take what you need"? I doubt you would. As a country, we shouldn't either.

And we Americans aren't responsible for the misery in Mexico. That's their own problem.

Alfredo said...

Agreed, Mexico's misery is responsability of mexicans, leting beside abusive treatys with US, but is another question. The point here is not the legality of immigration, but his morality. Is the same with the abortion issue. The law doesn't make the abortion acceptable from the moral point of view, and doesn't make the immigration immoral. The immigration will do no stop buliding walls or hunting people like animals. The immigration problem only will be solved with a legislation that provide ways to immigrate, and to regularize the US hispanic citizens (a one born in US is a US citizen, although his fathers don't have papers) This by the US side, by the latino side obiously the problem is poverty, wich have complex causes. And not, Paul, certainly I do not open my house to any stranger, but I neither have a bulldog awiting to bit any unexpected visitor. The immigration brings problems, nobody is denying this, just as unexpected born brings problems to the family in wich happens. I only emphasize that the immigration problem, as any other, only can be addressed since the charity priority above any other consideration for a christian.

Paul Nichols said...

The immigration problem only will be solved with a legislation that provide ways to immigrate, and to regularize the US hispanic citizens
Don't we already have enough legislation on this issue?

Regularize? No way. Deportation is the only way to even begin to address the issue.

Christian charity doesn't mean we allow ourselves to be physically and financially ransacked by squatters.

Bill Hoog said...


There's a BIG difference between being a Christian and being a doormat!!

Al said...

I would take the USCCB statement seriously if I believed that the Bishops have actually read & are promoting what the Catholic Church actually teaches. Sadly, this statement shows a complete lack of knowledge of what the Catholic Church actually teaches in the Catechism as well as Compendium of Catholic Social Doctrine.

& while the Arizona law does have its flaws, it is a valid response to the failure of the Fed to enforce current law let alone any reform.

What gets me is the screaming about the need for an ID. We need a licence to drive. That license is an acceptable ID for boarding a plane. I needed to show that ID to pick up an order at my local WalMart that I made on line.

Mark Davies said...

Well,I could bring up Abraham and the israelites,but this is not the same thing.

The problem here is not immagration but leeches.We have these kind already in the country,bring more in and we will really be introuble.I mean if they would help out and actually do some honest work and offer themselves for the community.Then they would be honory Americans.Though if they simply come and eat,drink and be merry while other's are going poor who work hard,we get a "Invasion" much like what happened to other countries,expecially those under muslim conquest.If the Mexican or such immagrants would be like fellow citizens and offered themselves to help.Then I say come to our great land,but sadly that isn't the point.

Paul Nichols said...

Dreyrugr -

As I replied to Jamie:

"...if my portrayal is accurate to some extent, then you're shooting the messenger. "

Dreyrugr said...

Your portrayal is that the USCCB says that we should allow the hoards of diseased, rapist mongrels to invade our homes and take our property unopposed.

What they actually said (thanks for the link, at least) is that cops pulling people over just for being latino will create distrust between police and immigrants (legal and illegal).

You cannot qualify as a "messenger" with libel and bigotry.

I am a Catholic convert, a distributist, staunchly orthodox, and a bit of a traditionalist.

If our bishops are liberal, then they deserve our prayers, and our obedience as far as church teaching allows. If you feel they need to be corrected, how about speaking with them rather than calling them names on the internet.

Paul Nichols said...

If you feel they need to be corrected, how about speaking with them rather than calling them names on the internet.
Yeah, sure. They don't return calls from us peons.

Erin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Paul Nichols said...

Not sure I follow what you're asking, Erin. Are you speaking of the cartoon or something written here in the ComBox?

Erin said...

I am sorry. I did not read the post very well before I made a comment, I take back what I said. God Bless.


gusto said...

Paul, when you called your blog "Catholic Cartoon Blog" (instead of "Paul's Cartoons) you stopped being a "peon" and a "messenger". You now have a public "pulpit" and the responsibility to use it without creating scandal.

With this cartoon you have now joined the "hordes" of Cafeteria Catholics who think they know more about the Catholic Faith than all the US Bishops combined. You are no different than Nancy Pelosi or the Kennedy Brothers! You have just separated your obligations as a member of the One True Church from your pubic practice of the faith.

I disagree with you on immigration, but that is an inconsequential earthly matter. The really important issue is the salvation of your eternal soul. How would you feel if when you got to heaven's door Peter asks you why did you not see Jesus' face on that poor immigrant. As Faithful Catholics we are called to charity for our brothers and sisters. These are your Catholic brothers and sisters who share your Faith and your beliefs in traditional Catholic values, like family, traditional marriage, and the sanctity of life.

I do not mean to offend or provoke you, and apologize in advance if any of my comments hurt you. I do pray that the Holy Spirit come upon you (appropriately for Pentecosts) and open your understanding to how grave is the mistake (of the Faith) that you are making.

Please receive my brotherly love.

Paul Nichols said...


Believe me when I say this - if I'm to be judged on how my beliefs lined up with the USCCB, I'll take my chances.

Like so many others, you equate anti-illegal immigration with anti-immigration. A country can't just open up their borders and think that chaos wouldn't follow.

Anonymous said...


Two very quick points:

1) If your issue with illegal immigration is that it is "illegal", then why aren't you fine with "legal" abortion. As a Catholic we are to debate morality not legality. I feel that quoting the law, when as a good Catholic you should disagree with the law on certain points is a bit of hypocrisy, and I'm sure you know how Jesus felt about that.

Please do not say it's different, that would be a cop out. I would like an actually explanation of how you can use the law in your defense, but then on abortion would say the law is wrong. Unfortunately for you, it can't be both ways. You can't agree when it's convenient and disagree when it is not.

2)I recall in my Catholic upbringing being taught about a little thing called the Magisterium and that we are to obey the teachings of the Church. Although I am aware that immigration is not a doctrinal matter, therefore we can hold counter positions, out of respect to our Bishops, we should probably refrain from name calling and mockery. Ad hominem arguments really just aren't the best way to go to win support from people. If you could stat how the USCCB was teaching things counter to Rome, then maybe that would be a good argument, unfortunately I have not seen that here.

In closing I just want to state that I am against illegal immigration too, I just don't like poorly formulated arguments, which is what I believe you have presented here.

Paul Nichols said...

1) If your issue with illegal immigration is that it is "illegal", then why aren't you fine with "legal" abortion.
Because immigration can be deemed legal or illegal, depending on what country makes the law.

Abortion, though legal, can never be considered "lawful", since it runs against God's law.

Immigration doesn't really rise to that level.

As for the Bishops, when they act like Democrats with Roman collars, they earn the mockery they receive.

Asshole said...

It's completely inaccurate. This is a blatant attack on our fellow Catholics. Why would you attack in such a base manner the only positive Christian population growth in North America?

Because of this, the Modernists become ever more entrenched in Hispanic communities. You need to take this cartoon down before it does any more damage.

Paul Nichols said...

Okay, David, I'll take the bait.

What part of that cartoon is inaccurate?

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

Immigration is NOT intrinsically evil, abortion is, they are different.

Anonymous said...

Being a Christian, being truly Christ-like, is very difficult, but I think you'd do yourself a huge favor by just keeping quiet about how hard it is, rather than broadcasting to the world--through such things as this unfortunate drawing--that you've chosen the easier path.

Paul Nichols said...

Yes, anonymous, let's continue to ignore the complicity of our leaders in all things Liberal.

Anonymous said...

If your racist rants are the only contribution you can make, then we really don't need your help. You're as big a problem as our leaders.

Paul Nichols said...

Oh, boo hoo, anonymous. Racism: the last retort of the man with no argument to make.

Paul Nichols said...

It's a free country, David. For now, anyway.