Wednesday, December 20, 2006

First Cartoon

After all these years, the effort has been made, thanks to Pope Benedict XVI, to make this correction. For years, traditionalists have railed against the mis-translation, all the while being denigrated by other "conservative" Catholics, and certainly all of Liberal Catholic-dom, for being such "sticklers". Well, it turns out that the Pope himself recognizes that this seemingly "unimportant" issue needed to be corrected. Of course, it doesn't fix everything, but it is a step in the right direction in correcting some of the post-1960's idiocy that's given us the Church Milquetoast instead of the Church Militant. Related Article :

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catholic2007 said...

You know what, Paul? I reckon he's smiling (embarrassed smile maybe?)because he thinks he's 'pulled one' over on her (she's such a nice looking lady,too), because, he thinks she still thinks he's the pope (he,he,he)and he didn't know that the N.O.Mass ...(oops Mess) is invalid because the form was changed and a few other bits left out, like 'Mystery of faith' bit...after all he was brought up on all the correct teachings of the catholic Church, so he can't claim ignorance...on the other hand...
Now, supposing shes cottoned on to it,(having read a few papal encyclicals and whatever like Paul IV's 'Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio')that, like his four predecessors hes not really a pope, what's she doing in a Novus Ordo institution,working for that crowd? (Maybe she coudn't find any other job that would pay enough to keep hubby and kids clothed and fed?)...
She could be simply being sarcastic, and playing him along like a fish on a line...yeah, I reckon she's on to it...I mean with a character like that she has to be clued up! Conclusion: What you read into it depends on your background (he,he,he).
RATING: 5 (outa 5)

P.S. I finally found her!