Tuesday, May 27, 2008

There's a new fly in the ointment.

Time Magazine had a recent article entitled "Is Liberal Catholicism Dead?".

I think just asking the question gives one the answer. Here's what one says:

"For a couple of generations, progressivism was an [important] way to be Catholic."
Then he adds, "But I think the end of an era is here."

We can only hope.

Link to the article:



catholic2007 said...

"Hey, you there 'pesky trad' fly. Just cause you been hanging out there 'in the wings' all these 40 odd years,and think you know it all, don't mean we don't respect tradition. after all we have had our 'tradition' for at least 40 years. And don't forget our church started back in 1965 and we have a pope. You don't!....ha,ha,ha. So much for your tradition"...Soon the wise ol' trad fly got bored with all this useless chatter,realizing that there was little to be gained here,and no amount of patching up could save that poor deluded creature

Paul Nichols said...

Thankfully, all those hippies are lining up to take their eternal dirt naps, which means that the restoration can really get started.

paramedicgirl said...

I wonder how future generation will write about this era of liberalism in the history of the Church. It's been a very long forty years.

Paul Nichols said...

I think the future will not be kind to this era. I believe that it will be viewed as the time that the Church temporarily lost it's bearings. Never completely lost, mind you, just way off course for a while.

I believe men have been swept up in the spirit of the age, but that eventually they'll all come to their senses again. It might take another generation, but it WILL happen.

Sanctus Belle said...

Paul - the "apply liberally" part really got my giggling at my computer this morning! :)

Paul Nichols said...

Hey- that's what I'm here for, Sanctus.

Us Traditionalists need to laugh a little more.

Anonymous said...

Is Liberal Catholicism dead?

No. As long as there are mirrors being worshipped in the world, some Catholics will join in and do the same.

Mark Tan said...

40 years........ Many have been cheated of the true faith. Retribution is near.

MSchaut said...

It staggers the mind how much damage was done, to the church, to souls, to families, to society.

Yes, there were problems to deal with but to throw everything out, or nearly everything, was a very 50's mentality- hardly a solution for ANYTHING. The only thing left to replace it was what LSD and the sexual revolution was bringing in- what an exchange!

Anonymous said...

As a Catholic from a country in which Catholics have had a long association with centre-left politics (and a long association with prejudice from centre-right Protestants), I have no great problem with 'Liberal Catholicism'.
While I myself love Latin mass, I see the pragmatism in native-language mass. Raised in a religion in which symbolism is important, I see the symbolic importance of an historical apology to Muslims and Jews for past transgressions such as crusades, pogroms and endorsing the Holocaust. As a confessor to a faith that emphasises the sanctity of life, I abhor the innocent loss of life; a principle that extends itself also to capital punishment and war. As a women, I see the problematic role they play in Catholicism, but also the importance they have via Mary and many (most?) of the saints. As a Catholic in a post-Enlightenment modernist world, I appreciate the changes that the Catholic Church has undergone over the ages-including no longer torturing and murdering heretics, as these include among them my grandfather, my best friend, my flat mate and Gallileo. I am proud to be of a Church that encourages questioning faith, of a Church that encourages education and knowledge, of a Church that accepts evolution as a scientific. I am proud to be a Catholic, I am proud of the long tradition behind Catholicism, and I am proud of a Church that has continued to have a strong presence in the world, due to its ability to be adapt to the inevitable changes that Enlightenment, modernity, liberalism and neo-liberalism have brought. Oh, that horrid Vatican II and the Liberal Catholic Church... right?

Paul Nichols said...

Oh, that horrid Vatican II and the Liberal Catholic Church... right?
Actually, yes.

Jean-remy Duboc said...

can I just ask....could it be that we could find a way of being catholic that respects the church's authority (ie. on issues like abortion, femal priests, birth controls, etc.), and at the same time embrace modern culture through technology, music, and so on ?
Can't we be catholic without hating those who do not live their faith the same way we do ?