Wednesday, August 6, 2008


The Monstrance cartoon might not be one of my better ones, but I have an excuse. During my frolicking in the ocean two weeks ago, I aggravated an old neck problem, which has compressed enough to pinch all the doggone nerves on my right side. My arm is killing me. I can't write or draw anything extensive, hence this crude representation of my current agony.

Prayers are appreciated, although I don't know whether there's a patron saint to cover neck compression and associated nerve problems.

Any cartoon I can muster in the near future might look a bit like I did it with my left hand...( some might say it would be an improvement! )


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your arm. It sounds quite painful and I dont envy you the recovery. When I saw your cartoon without reading the caption under it, I thought the man in the picture was getting burned by the water. I thought you might be coming after someone with that comment, but it turned out magnanimous enough. Hope you're out of the pain zone soon. Peace!

Paul Nichols said...

Thanks Mark!

Anonymous said...

Well, my prayers are with you.

Anita Moore said...


According to the Patron Saints Index, St. Ursicinus of Saint-Ursanne (7th century abbot and friend of St. Columbanus) is the patron against neck stiffness. St. Amalburga (7th century Belgian wife, mother and later religious) is the patroness against arm pain. And Sts. Bartholomew the Apostle and Dymphna are invoked against ailments of the nerves.

So may Saints Ursicinus, Amalburga, Bartholomew and Dymphna come to your aid in your difficulties!

P.S. I bet the first two of these saints, who are not so well-known, and probably not widely invoked, will be especially happy to help you.

Paul Nichols said...

Thanks Anita. I'll get crackin' on it.

a thorn in the pew said...

Sorry about the arm. Will keep you in my prayers. God bless.

Anthony said...

Hope you feel better, I visited my chiropractor today after spending a few weeks running through swamps with a ruck on my back.

Anonymous said...

My prayers are with you too.
Excuse me, can I grab some images from "better in latin" and use it such userpics?

Jorge E. Acuña said...

Lamento oir esas noticias. Mis oraciones de que pueda mejorar pronto!
I am sorry to hear such news. My prayers that might improve soon!

Anonymous said...

Regarding your picture:

It's too bad that Novus Ordo holy water is invalid anyway because the water is not exorcised anymore.

I strongly suggest you go to the SSPX for Mass because you can't financially support the diocese without supporting the Errors of Vatican 2. If you put your money in the basket, you fund heretics and freaks in error.

The SSPX actually has the orthodox intention of offering a valid Mass - essentially where the priest offers the body and blood of Jesus Christ underneath the Eucharistic veils of bread and wine to God the father. This isn't the case in the New Mass as the priest "presides over the assembly" to "break bread" and "to celebrate a meal".

The New Mass of Paul VI doesn't have this intention of offering a sacrafice, which may make it invalid. The new mass is a protestant worship service. If you don't belive me, read Eucharistic prayers I through VI on the "offretory" of the new roman missal for the new mass.

Go to a real Mass! Save your soul!

I strongly urge you and your friends to read "Open Letter to Confused Catholics" by Archbishop Lefebvre. Maybe you can relate a bit because I went through the same things you went through in seeing modernism in the diocesan parishes.

Canon Law 884(d) in the New 1983 code of canon law permits you to attend the Latin Mass wherever you want.

Just sayin...