Monday, December 22, 2008

From the "You Can't Make This Up" file...

In case you missed it, the Geniuses over in England are watering down the Christmas Hymns now to the point where I don't even know why they should even try singing them.

We're all aware of the subtle (and not so subtle) changes that have been made, especially by the Faith Haters over at Oregon Catholic Press, but here we have (supposed) the hierarchy of the Church of England doing it!

If you water these things down to ensure that nobody, or no species is offended, I suppose all you'd have left is to just open your mouth a just say "Aaaaah". But heck, then you'd offend the mute people in the world.

"God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" would become "God (egads!) Rest Ye Merry Gentlepersons". But even that would offend those who aren't very merry. Along with all those who aren't technically "persons". And the "Rest" part? Wouldn't that offend workaholics?


Anonymous said...

Oregon Catholic Press is a disease, I'm ashamed to share the same city as them. The liberals on all fronts are trying to make one last desperate push to destroy whatever parts of the faith they can, but I don't think it will work.

They are exposed and more and more people are not putting up with it. The liberal 60-70s mentality is literally dying away and after all their damage they have nothing to show or pass on.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Nichols,
I came across several of your works on this link:
This is a sedevacantist site. It holds the heretical position that all Popes after Pius XII are anti-popes, and the new sacraments are invalid. Do you hold these same positions?

San Francisco
(The worst diocese for a traditionalist.)

Paul Nichols said...


No, I do not. I did some cartoons for them awhile back, and that's it. To me, the sedevacantist position just doesn't make sense. To me, it's like throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

Plus, I'd have to be pretty doggone sure of my opinion if I was to declare the Seat Vacant. Despite everything that has happened since Vat II, I'm not making that leap.

As a disclaimer, I asked them to take the cartoons down, since it gives the appearance that I'm "one of them". Naturally, they refused. That tells me alot right there.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Nichols
I thought you would not be a sedevacantist. Its pretty ridiculous that they refuse to take your works from their site. Anyway, love the pictures that you do, especially the Niederauer ones. May you have a wonderful Christmas.

Paul Nichols said...

Thanks, Phillip, you do the same.

Leslie K. said...

I have one: Ave Whoever.....that way, no one can be offended!

ok, ok...I'm tired.

Brian Michael Page said...

Hey Paul, nice work like usual.

BTW, I did a spoof on CVA about a year ago...

"God rest you merry, everyone
Let nothing you dismay.
Remember Christ our Savior
Was born this holiday..."


Paul Nichols said...

That's good, Brian, but hey - wait a minute - how come He's got to be "OUR" Savior???? You're leaving out all those people that reject Him - that's not fair!

Jean-remy Duboc said...

Can you explain to me what's wrong with Oregon Catholic Press ?
I found nothing but great things from them, but then again maybe I'm a "faith hater" myself without realising it.
Anyhow, I am genuinely interested in the reasons why you hate them so much.

Paul Nichols said...

I'd refer you to the following:

Jean-remy Duboc said...
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Jean-remy Duboc said...

Hi there Paul,
I'd like to thank you for the link, it has been very instructive.
There's quite a lot of interesting points in it, even though I do find it a bit "partisan", ie. written by someone with specific musical and "liturgical" tastes. Don't get me wrong here, I agree with you (probably) on the fact that there is one and only one liturgy that is valid, but one must take into account the notion of inculturation ( The liturgy doesn't need to be completely changed in order to adapt it to people living in another culture, but I believe that the culture can be used so people can find familiar things in the church and discover that God is not disconected from their everyday life.

What I mean is that while many people like you love and understand traditional, pre vatican II liturgy, some of us never even went to that kind of mass. "Modern" liturgies are not perfect, and need to be more rooted in the tradition of the church (wich is the direction the Holy See is taking, and I rejoice about that). It also needs to be less rooted in the banal and casual, and transcend modern culture to lead the people to God.
OCP aims to do just that, and it does not always do it right, but it's a whole new world to learn and it's going to take time.
I hope you understand my point, and I hope our discussion would be a first step to a united Church.
In Christ,

Elizabeth said...

Just discovered your blog...will be adding it "to my list".
I hope this comment reaches you.

I thought you would like to know some history on that tune...
In the time that it was written, "rest" meant to "support or uphold" and "Merry" actually meant "Mighty"...which allows "Robin Hood and his Merry Men" to make more sense, doesn't it.
So anyway, the actual meaning of the song was...May God uphold you mighty men of faith! A little different from our modern reading, huh?
Pax Christi, EJT