Friday, February 12, 2010

Take a snowmobile to Mass!

Wow, what a snowstorm! Do we get extra dispensation just for making it to Mass?


Kenneth said...

Over here in IL, we had an earthquake. Crazy winter happenings.

tamtam said...

@ Kenneth:

I heard about that. Thank God no serious damage or injuries.

@ Paul:

Parishoners pitching in to clear the parking lot from all the snow? Great idea! Saves money from having to pay the plow guy, and provides a great opportunity for parishoners to connect on friendly terms.

Why doesn't my church think of that?!

Anita Moore said...

I guess I live in a little pocket of "global" warming. We're supposed to get up into the mid 50s today, and into the 60s tomorrow through Tuesday!

Willebrord said...

I know what you mean; I got out of a lot of college classes last week.

Unknown said...
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