Monday, March 22, 2010

Bart Stupak = The New Judas

Some "principles". Bart Stupak rolled over and played dead because some Federal money was thrown his way. The first few cartoon ideas that came to mind weren't fit to print, so we'll have to settle on cartoon # 4 or 5.


the Egyptian said...

really, try me, can't be any worse than some of the things I thought of doing to him, you know realllly late term abortion, I know off to confession with me ;>)

John Francis Borra said...

I admit I was fooled. When Bart Stupak first came to my attention, I thought the idea of a pro-life Democrat was pure campaign fodder. As the debate wore on the last few months, I began to think these Dems might actually be sincere.

I was duped. I won't be fooled again.

I think it's past time that membership in the Democrat Party be considered the same as membership in the Communist Party: cause for automatic excommunication.

Paul Nichols said...

Well heck, John, that'll throw alot of bishops out of work!

The Democrat party is basically the Entitlement Party - let's go confiscate everything that the working people have. Incredible.

Anonymous said...

Have any of you actually bothered to look at what it was Stupak agreed to, or are you simply following the mob? There's nothing more dangerous than dumb zealots. Be zealous in your life and work, but at least be smart, too.

Paul Nichols said...


He agreed to Obama writing some executive order. Suuuuuure, that will work.

He caught the vapors. He's got his silver. The burning coals raining down on him are his just desserts.

John Francis Borra said...

I agree, Paul. Only an idiot-- or a pro-abort-- would agree to such an exec. order.

Obama promise NOT to fund abortion? Give you just one of the many ways he'll get around that: the innocuous "community health centers" like Planned Parenthood. Thanks to fungibility of our tax dollars, the CHCs will take fed. dollars, claim to be using them for legitimate purposes, and then perform abortions. And what's more, they'll get reimbursed at a rate many times what they charge currently! Why? Because Uncle Sam has bottomless pockets.

Really, Anonymous, who's the "stupid zealot"? Pro-lifers like Paul & me or pro-abort apologists like you?

Anonymous said...

I guess it's you and Paul.

Anonymous said...
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Paul Nichols said...

Well, if I'm with John, I'm in good company.

Anonymous said...

So, Anonymous, enlighten all of us as to what Stupak agreed to that was so great.


Al said...


1. The executive order can be overturned at any time by Obama or a fututre president.

2. The courts have held that an executive order doesn't trump the law & that for a ban on abortion funding to be enforceable an EO won't cut it.

& I add my name to your list of zealots. & I am proud to do so. Zeal is not always a bad thing like you are trying to make it. In fact the Bible applauds it when it is for the right reason. & Pro-life is a right reason.

But don't count any of us as just blindly following the mob. We know the facts.

Also, over at my blog I have officially nominated Stupak for the 2010 Richard Rich award.

Paul Nichols said...

With a day and a half in the rear view, it appears that the Executive Order claim was merely a way for Stupak to get some "cover" for his vote. What he didn't calculate was that people aren't so stupid as to actually believe his story.

Another Catholic embarrassment.

John Francis Borra said...

"Zeal for his house consumes him."

Indeed, Al; Jesus himself is a zealot. And I, for one, am happy to share that moniker with the Second Person of the Trinity. Most specifically, I'm consumed with zeal for life, the ultimate gift of the Almighty.

Denise said...

There is no question that Bart Stupak betrayed the pro-life principles. Maybe it was the result of political pressure and maybe it was for the $800,000 in airport improvements allotted to his district. The bottom line is that we have no time for wailing and gnashing of teeth. We have work to do. In addition to our continued political activism, we have praying, performing works of mercy, and catechizing to do.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you send him a bowl and a towel-- so he can try and try to wash the blood off his hands.

Brian said...

Hello Paul -

I never thought Stupak would hold his vote - how could he?
He is a member of a club whose leader is supported by Planned Parenthood. How could anyone be a member of this club and be pro-life?

Would you mind if I post your cartoon on my blog ?

John Francis Borra said...

Mythological creatures:

1. The Tooth Fairy
2. Unicorns
3. Pro-Life Democrats

I was skeptical of "Democrats for Life" when I first became aware of the group a couple years ago, largely because overturning Roe was not on their agenda. But as the months leading up to Sunday's vote passed, I began to think they might actually be sincere.

I was had.

"Democrats for Life" exists for one and only one reason: to further the party's anti-life agenda by giving the likes of Stupak and Casey cover.

BTW, Brian, feel free to glean any of my cartoons, too.

Paul Nichols said...

Sure thing, Brian, a cartoon by me or by John is sure to spruce up any blog!

Paul Nichols said...

John - I thought the same about Democrats for Life - maybe they had some redeeming qualities. I think you're right about them, in the end.

John Francis Borra said...

Yep, just too good to be true, Paul.

Of course, I'm talking about politicians; I know a lotta registered Democrats who'll never vote Democrat because of life issues.

Anonymous said...

All is said, except that posers like Stupak and his fellow Dem-dums are lost and need prayers for conversion/reversion. Without a truly Catholic government, the world will never be in caring hands. So, we pray. This is our hope. God Bless you, Paul. IMHO: You are talented and are putting your God-given talent to good use.

Paul Nichols said...

Thanks, Adrienne. Look for me soon in the New Oxford Review. I'll be doing cartoons for them starting in May.


Anonymous said...

o/\o = (high five.)