Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Parish musicians getting ready for new Roman Missal

Uh oh - you knew it was coming. CNS has an article about how liturgical musicians are gearing up for the big changeover coming in 2011. Call me cynical, but giving them time to "implement changes" musically can't be a good thing, can it?

Read the article over at CNS:


Left-footer said...

Have you no heart?

Weep, weep, I say, for Father Strumms, Sister Frankenprance, The Benign Simperers, and all those who will suffer ego-deflation.

Paul Nichols said...

Judging by some of the comments on the National Catholic Reporter about the new translation, I'd venture a guess that they're not going quietly into the night.

I'm sure there will be some parishes who will conveniently forget to implement the new translation. Dissenters never go away quietly.

Anita Moore said...

That's why I'd like to attend the TLM exclusively: none of this type crappola! I'd like to see them fit "Gather Us In" into the TLM!

(On second thought, no, forget it: somebody came up with a Latin translation of it not too long ago...)

Josemaria Paulo Jeromino Martin Carvalho-Von Verster said...

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Thanks and God Bless

Follow-Up Post is Appreciated!

Dolorosa said...

New, new, new! They had some strange music in my ex-novus ordo church. One was "Morning Has Broken" by Cat Stevens who became a muslim. Of course, it's different in all novus ordo churches so that's why I'm thankful for the Latin Mass. It's been the same all these years since I found the SSPX. Deo Gratis!

Paul Nichols said...

You're lucky, Dolorosa. I wish I had one close enough.

That's the thing with the average parish experience these days - you never know when (or to what extent) the foolishness will pop up!

paramedicgirl said...

Canada will be one who conveniently forgets to implement the new translation. They never, even implemented the first one!