Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Emerald Isle turns on her Church

Coming soon to a country near you. Under the guise of "protecting children" and to ensure reporting of abuse, Blarney Stone Bullies are looking to crack the seal of the confessional.
I'm wondering if these people are considering the ramifications of what they're seeking. Breaking that seal will lead people to NOT confess things, therefore negating it's intent. The other issue, lost in the emotional response of prosecuting the perverts and those who covered for them, is that once this seal is broken, the STATE will not "limit" their intrusion into abuse. As the STATE always does, you can be sure it will expand it's reach. Soon, nobody will confess anything.
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Ferdinand said...

Big Brother is listening to you!

Paul Nichols said...

Yea - that will be the next step - mandatory video and audio of every confession. To be submitted weekly to the governing authorities.

Ed Pie said...

Well, if people stop going to reconciliation, at least the government won't have to worry about any unregulated confessions. Big Brother hates competition.

tamtam said...

Satan must be licking his chops at this piece of news.

But then again, this whole mess could lead to a rise in the phenomena of underground confessions. People who are religious enough to go to confession can seek out a priest in secret. It happened in the Soviet Union, and it can happen in Ireland.

Anonymous said...

I don't see the problem. I normally receive confession from my spiritual adviser so when schedules clashed I headed to a local church. There was no lines, no wait and to put it bluntly no one there except me and the priest. So anything that keeps ..I mean anything that keeps the lines short for me is great.
/sarcastic mode off

We have falling so far. Still hoping the church splits but many people like their big churches and lavish set ups.

Side note: Given the downward spiral of google and their pathetic privacy rules, will you allow non google accts ppl to comment? Thanks. I've dropped both NCR and New Oxford review, at hear I can read in peace. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Grrr hit publish instead of edit. Sorry for the typos.

Paul Nichols said...

Hi Mark,

Are you saying that only Google accts can comment? I'll have to check that - I think I turned off the anonymous comments, but didn't know that it would limits others.

I wonder about a "split" too - one day, the liberals who have dominated for the last 40 years are going to shout "enough" when they finally lose their iron grip on the Faith's neck. Eventually many of them will walk away, much like those who left Jesus after His discourse in John Chapter 6.


I just realized something, it isn’t the Catholics
nor Protestants nor Jews nor Muslims nor Atheists
. . . the Catholics are getting all the heat about it BUT IT IS . . .
the Child Molesters –
the Jewish Child Molesters –
the Atheist Child Molesters –
the Mormon Child Molesters –
the Catholic Child Molesters
the Muslim Child Molesters.

It’s the Child Molesters against the rest of us AND they use religion as a smokescreen.
What matters most to a Child Molester is NOT Jesus or Mohammed or Jehovah or Darwin. . .what matters MOST to them is molesting children.

I'm so sorry, I've been very hard on your group...sorry.