Friday, April 13, 2007

I have to wonder...

...what world these guys live in. To take up the case of those who drain us is beyond me. Maybe my tower doesn't contain enough ivory to understand them...

Read more about our immigrant-loving Bishops at the Crescat's joint:


Mickey Jackson said...

Come on, Paul. Have a little compassion for people who have risked their lives crossing the Arizona desert to feed their families. The position of the Church is clear: anyone who claims that one nationality is superior to another, or that the life of a citizen of one country is more important than the life of a citizen of another, is a heretic, pure and simple.

"Depart from me, you cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels; for I was hungry and you gave me no food, I was thirsty and you gave me no drink, I was a stranger and you did not welcome me" (Matthew 25:41)

“The alien who resides with you shall be to you as the citizen among you; you shall love the alien as yourself, for you were aliens in the land of Egypt” (Leviticus 19:34)

By the way, most of these "illegals" are Catholics. Those who reject Christ when He shows up at their doorsteps will answer to Him on the last day.

Anonymous said...

mickey jackson,

Paul isn't against immigrants in general. If you look at the cartoon, you'll see "Pedro" with a stack of cash in his hand.
We have the same problem in my country. Many immigrants come to the country purely for the social security benefits. They often know more about what they're "entitled" to than those who work for the government. These people are crooks who are out to scam the government and the taxpayer out of every cent they can.

Mickey Jackson said...

Yes, I saw Pedro, and it was precisely this characterization of illegal immigrants that I found so unjust and un-Catholic. Most of these people are NOT crooks: they are hard-working men and women without whom our ecomony would collapse. Even if we could survive without them, the two Bible verses in my original post say it all.

God have mercy on the souls of those who despise human beings for wanting to feed their families. I wonder what Paul would do were he in a similar situation, rather than having the luxury of sitting at a computer ranting.

Sanctus Belle said...

I lived in South Texas for nearly 3 years in the late 90's. I was by far a minority caucasian who did not speak "Tejano" Anyway - I knew many immigrants of various legal statuses I'm sure and they work thier butts off. Most in tiny houses with multiple families. Not one was on welfare, they worked a minimum of 2 jobs, often 3. They were devout Catholics, good family people, humble, poor and kind. Too bad thier government is so corrupt!

Paul Nichols said...

Let's address one thing - I'm not saying that one nationality is better than another. I prefer America and Americans - legitimate Americans. But anyway...

It's really not about turning away the hungry.

It's all about the burden these illegals put on society. I don't see how wishing that we had a sane immigration policy or that we had secure borders has anything to do with rejecting Christ.

You can paint them as poor, unfortunate people trying to feed a family, but let's be honest. Most stream here because our system provides so many benefits for their illegality that it's almost like we can't blame them for being here.

But that doesn't excuse them.

And the idea that our economy would collapse without them is just laughable.

Mickey, you say "God have mercy on the souls of those who despise human beings for wanting to feed their families."

To this I'll return the "Come on!". Tell you what - bring every family - intact and nuclear - and expel every last one with a criminal record or without a family and you've got a deal. I'll take a family any day. Unfortunately, that's not what we're getting with this Mexican invasion.

Mickey Jackson said...


Apparently, you didn't read about that study from the Immigration Policy Center showing that illegal immigrants don't raise the crime rate at all. In fact, "the incarceration rate of U.S.- born men 18 to 39 years old in 2000 was 3.5 percent — five times higher than the incarceration rate of their immigrant counterparts" (AZ Daily Star).

However, in response to your allegations that they're just here to game the system, I suggest that you read Sanctus Belle's response; unlike you (or I), she actually has experience with these people, and her view is markedly different (and more Catholic) than yours.

Finally, after reading the study and reading Sanctus Belle's response, I challenge you to answer my question, which you never did: what would you do if your family was starving and you couldn't find work?

Oh, by the way, saying "I prefer Americans" is equivalent to saying that one nationality is superior to others. I assure you, national boundaries mean nothing to God.

Anonymous said...

30% of the federal prision population are illegal immigrants. As well, in my area a number of people (including one policeman) died in car accidents last year with illegal alleins at fault (guess what? Each case the drivers bailed each time but the police found them anyway!). I'm not against people coming here to work hard. What I want, along with millions of others do, is for the laws of the land to be followed and enforced and not promote lying by having these people promote smugglers to come here, for fake documents, etc.

Anonymous said...

Paul, as a reverted Catholic, I still have difficulty seeing Christ in the least of us -- who in Southern California at least, happen to be the poor nationals and immigrants alike.

But the sheer mean-spiritedness in this cartoon is disgusting. Please consider your own type of cafeteria Catholicism here.

In Christ,

Mark Tan said...

Perhaps those border problems are quite serious, for you to sketch bout it.. hehe.. =)

Paul Nichols said...

"Finally, after reading the study and reading Sanctus Belle's response, I challenge you to answer my question, which you never did: what would you do if your family was starving and you couldn't find work? "

I haven't read the study, but anything coming from the Immigrantion Policy Center would be suspect anyway. They're not much more than another advocacy group.

But as to what I'd do if we were starving. Assuming all things being equal, and that over the border lies the promise of not only work, but one helluva free lunch, sure I'd run. But I'd be breaking their laws by doing so, and if I got rounded up and tossed out, well, that would be understandable.

I'd rather we had a sound immigration policy, not an open border which not only encourages this northern flight, but also allows the big corporations (and the small ones) the opportunity to take advantage of these people.

But honestly, the point of the cartoon was not so much about immigration, but more so about some of our shepherds who don't live in the real world.

The Crescat said...

oh hell. what have i started? LOL

Paul Nichols said...

Hey, Cannonball, it's just your nature....hehehe

Anonymous said...

I just ask for respect. If there is just ONE person out there who is working hard to improve the life of his family and they see this from a fellow Catholic...ouch.

as an immigrant from Mexico(a legal one by that), and a Catholic, I am hurt.

Anonymous said...

So what? I'm a Catholic of legal immigrants as well and believe you me, I won't march on May 1st (coincidence that many pro-immigration marches happen on this date when it is also a day in support of communism?).

Paul Nichols said...

Catholic Immigrant,

The person out there who IS working hard and not draining the system, KNOWS that they ain't "Pedro".

Respect hinges on whether you're here legally or illegally.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

As a Traditional Catholic, Latino and Immigrant I think this cartoon is truly insulting.

I hope you show more charity next time.


Anonymous said...

This cartoon is atrocious and completely anti-Catholic. Read what the Church teaches on immigration.

These immigrants, legal and illegal, perform backbreaking labor for virtually nothing. Not all pay taxes, but they more than contribute their fair share by making the food on your table the least expensive in the whole world.

Most immigrants come here to work and provide income to their families. They are not taking jobs away because few Americans out there would ever do those jobs at those pathetic wages.