Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year! (for most)

Well, another year slips by the calendar. The aging hippies see each year as one more step AWAY from the cliff they'd have us jump off. But not to worry - Gerald over at the Closed Cafeteria has a story on where the hippies' spirit still lives :


Sanctus Belle said...

Hey Paul, just wanted to let you know one of your "its better in Latin" t-shirts was recently given to our Latin Mass altar server and he was thrilled. We have TLM at our parish once a month and have "dogma and doughnuts" afterwards - everyone loved the t-shirt! I told them it came from you.

Paul Nichols said...

Hey, that's good to hear! I personally think it should be given to everyone who considers themselves Catholic! :oD

JesusFreak84 said...

I think I just saw almost all of the faculty and staff at my "Catholic" college in that cartoon. =-p