Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Judas League is at it again

Real Catholic TV has a couple of reports on John Carr, the guy who heads the U.S. bishops' Department of Justice, Peace, and Human Development.
He's been there for quite some time, and apparently, through the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (that group again), he's directed funding to a number of organizations that undermine Catholic teaching, most notably something called the Center for Community Change.

We have some good and courageous bishops, but time and time again the USCCB seems to be nothing more than an arm of the Democratic party. Seems we need a super-duper pest control company to weed out the liberal bugs at the USCCB. Judas would be proud of this group.

See the reports over at Real Catholic TV:


tamtam said...

I agree-Judas would be proud of the USCCB.

Tracy said...

great post, I totally agree!!

Anonymous said...

you should be very wary of real catholic tv.

check with the archdiocese of detroit.

Paul Nichols said...

I checked that story, and it was on a couple of different websites, including Our Sunday Visitor's blog. I'll do some checking on them, though.