Monday, March 5, 2012

Another good priest gets Hammered

(A prior version of this cartoon had Cardinal Wuerl's rank as "Archbishop". Forgive me for my lack of attention.)

You knew it was going to happen. The Archdiocese of Washington is falling all over itself trying to "make nice" with another member of the Grand High Ultimate Protected Class. Another priest doing his job gets the Beetle Bailey treatment.


Dismas said...

Was His Eminence Donald Cardinal Wuerl demoted to Archbishop? Was Fr. Guarnizo really given the 'Beetle Bailey treatment,' whatever that is, do you have actual evidence of this treatment?

I find this cartoon irresponsible and misleading at best. I find myself ashamed that its published on a website claiming itself Catholic.

Paul Nichols said...

Wow - I made a mistake on his rank. Why don't you get so bent over his treatment of this fine priest rather than split hairs over a minor mistake in the cartoon?

Tancred said...

It's legitimate to call him an Archbishop as well is it not, for that is what he is?

I find myself ashamed to be associated with the absence of testosterone and a sense of humor.

Dismas said...

Testosterone? Sense of Humor? Why not address the real problem at issue here:

#9. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.

I have no doubt that Fr. Guarnizo is a fine priest, but what evidence do you have that Fr. Guarnizo was mistreated by our Church and given the Beetle Bailey treatment?

Venomous, yes. Humorous, no.

Paul Nichols said...

Seriously Dismas? Are you Ms. Johnson's "partner" or something? The fact that the Archdiocese would publicly apologize to this obvious snake in the grass is all the evidence you need. The priest did the right thing and - regardless of whether he was "nice" about it or not, he should be supported by the Archdiocese.

The question you have to ask is why so many in the Church just fall all over themselves to placate the homosexual crowd?

Dismas said...

Very seriously Mr. Nichols. Your cartoon is no better than Ms. Johnson's behavior or the deceptive imbalanced gossip column published by WaPo as front page 'news' that started this. I see no difference between their behavior and yours.

I've already stated the question I have to ask. The question which you painstakingly avoid that has nothing to do with Ms. Johnson or homosexuals. What evidence do you have that His Eminence has directly mistreated Fr. Guarnizo?

From invalid episcopal self ordained cartoonists, spare us O Lord!

Paul Nichols said...


Whomever it was that issued that "apology" (doesn't matter who it was so don't gimmie a bunch of grief!) - he works directly for the Cardinal, does he not? Now, if you're trying to absolve Cardinal Wuerl, then you'd have to assume that the "apologist" acted of his own accord. I'd bet my right arm that he didn't, and if I'm wrong, then I'd be left to scribbling cartoons that are even worse than you think they are now!

Dismas said...

Thank you for addressing my issue. I can't make any judgements or bear false witness regarding the premises you put forth in your cartoon or the questions you ask. I don't know.
Please forgive any undue grief I have caused you. Until now I haven't had any issues with your cartoons, which I usually enjoy.

Fortunately, for us, in the Archdiocese of Washington this season of lent under the pastoral care of his Eminence Cardinal Wuerl, the light is on.

Paul Nichols said...

No need to worry about any grief, Dismas. It's just frustrating that good priests are constantly thrown overboard for placate this ravenous secular culture we live in.

Aged parent said...

I will only say that it is without any question whatsoever that Cardinal Wuerl was behind the despicable act of apologizing to a woman living a life of unnatural vice, which life will bring her certain spiritual death unless she mends her ways before she dies.

Has anyone really understood the horror of this....a Church apologizing to a lesbian? Have we sunk so low that such an evil can even happen? By apologizing to this declared sodomite the Church leaders in Washington have heaped opprobrium on a good priest who did his duty correctly, and at the same time have given the enemies of the Church yet another club with which to beat us. The Cardinal should immediately re-state, loudly, clearly and unequivocally, the authentic moral teaching of the Church on the sinfulness of homosexuality, the sin described as one of the Four "which cries to Heaven for vengeance." And the Cardinal must PUBLICLY apologize to the good priest so humiliated. This is not my "pie-in-the-sky" wish; it is my just demand as a Catholic. It is what the Cardinal must do in justice and in defense of the Faith.

Subsequent reports about this creature are now indicating that she is a practicing Buddhist and, if true, she has abandoned her Catholic Faith to become a pagan. That alone disqualifies her from receiving Holy Communion. And if that weren't enough she apparently spoke to Father Guarnizo ahead of the Mass and introduced her "lover" to him whereupon he asked her not to approach the Sacrament. It is likely that he did not know of her Buddhism.

The whole thing stinks and the non-Catholic world is shocked and stunned at the Chancery's apology to this woman. It is now a grave, open and public scandal touching on the fundamental teachings of the Church, and for that reason the Cardinal had better put the matter right immediately.

I will write to the Apostolic Nuncio and request that if the Cardinal refuses to make amends now that the matter be turned over to Rome.

Tancred said...

Who's laugin' now? Nobody.

Tancred said...

Except it's not a mistake to call a Cardinal an Archbishop.... btw.

Paul Nichols said...

I'll tell you who's laughing - all those members of the Queer Agitation Lobby. Which of course, includes just about all of popular culture today.