Wednesday, January 3, 2007

The REAL Barney is ticked off at an imposter!

At the end of a recent "Halloween Mass", Fr. Fred Bailey, serving in the Diocese of Orange under Bishop Tod Brown, changed into a Barney costume to give the final blessing. Related story and video : You can also read about his "apology" to Tod "Don't Anybody Kneel" Brown, awaiting his recommendation. Wouldn't you love to know what that recommendation would be?


Michael Leggett said...

I can just see it now:

At a Sports Mass, priest dressed as "A-Rod", with Handbag, being called "Msgr Slappy";

The Alleluia being sung to "MLB On FOX" Theme;

At The Consecration, Bells replaced with "Wooshes" from 'MLB On FOX";

Tim Mc Carver will deliver the Homily;


Paul Nichols said...

Hey, at least it would be sports-related, which would give it a much needed dose of testosterone!