Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Birds of a Feather Fry Together

I wonder how big the welcoming committee is Down Below?


Sanctus Belle said...

I got Hitler, Osama and Stalin - but who's the guy in the middle?

victor said...

That was my quesiton, too. Why is Bill Gates (or Marcy from "Peanuts") in Hell?

Clifford Carvalho said...

The guy in the middle is cult leader Jim Jones. He's the source of the connection between kool-aid and cults.

Paul said...
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Paul Nichols said...

Thanks Cliff - I couldn't get online last night to clear up the question. I'm waiting on the one who says "Hey - you can't declare someone to be in hell!!!!".

Brantigny said...

I guess that's me Paul.

As Catholic's our Faith has taught us that judgement is the facility of God. The Church does not define who is in hell, but definitively who is in Heaven.

I wish we could have taken him alive, so that he could have received the opportunity to repent and embrace the True Church. That would have been the bigger victory.

I am not a liberal by eany means, but an orthodox member of the Church.

GySgt, USMC (ret),
and combat vet.

Raymond A. said...

While you're not firing guns into the air and dancing in the street (at least I assume you're not), this expression of self-satisfaction strikes me as rather un-Christian. It's actually joining them at their own game rather than demonstrating that we are above the gloating.

Paul Nichols said...

Thanks Richard. I know we're not to pronounce someone as being in hell, but as reasonable people we can draw a non-conclusive conclusion, if that's possible.

According to "da Rulz", can we assume that those three guys I sketched are in hell? I think that we can. Of course, again, we can't know anything for certain, but God gave us minds to be able to work those issues out.

We can never know if someone was afforded a last-second moment of Grace by our Lord.

But declared enemies of God who are snuffed out in a moment, is it a reasonable conclusion to think that they're NOT listening to muzak in the waiting room of purgatory? Yes, I think we can.

And if, as a layman I can give you a fist pump and a "Semper Fi", then "Semper Fi!".

Paul Nichols said...

While you're not firing guns into the air and dancing in the street
No, I'm not doing any of that. The truth is, bin Laden is just one guy. The war with Islam rages on - despite our protestations to the contrary.

I'm not gloating - but the truth is, the world is a better place without him. Just as when we say - about a good person - that the world is a little less wonderful, it's fair to say that it's better when those types are removed from it.

Paul Nichols said...

I should have said "when a good person dies"

Dolorosa said...

Have you seen this picture?


Paul Nichols said...

Call me a skeptic, Dolorosa!

Kenneth said...

Two points:

1) Brantigny, they fought back, he was killed in defense, Laden did not put his hands up when troops came in.

2) You can't declare an individual in hell. Admittedly when someone dies I have my thoughts about what happened to "this or that person" but truly that is a fault and I shouldn't do it, at any rate I don't mkae such sentiments public.

Like any other person whose life was horrible I hope that he received the grace to repent before death. We won't know till we see our own fates though. And I'm not liberal, I know that those who die w/o belief in Christ and repentance of grievous sins depart into hell, which will be the greater part of mankind.

Anita Moore said...

It is not per se sinful to hold the opinion that somebody is in hell. Saints and doctors of the Church have long held that characters like Judas Iscariot and King Herod and Gestas the bad thief crucified with Christ are in hell. I would be extremely reluctant to accuse them of gloating over these unfortunates. And however happy we would be to find out that these opinions are wrong, they do serve a purpose: to draw from these figures lessons useful to the attainment of our own salvation and the avoidance of the fate which is generally held to have befallen them.

God is Mercy itself; but God is also just. Even Jesus appearing to St. Faustina warned that he who will not pass through the door of His Mercy will have to pass through the door of His Justice. We must not allow ourselves to slide toward the error of thinking that everybody gets hoisted up to heaven, no matter what kind of life they have lived.